Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Stinky Success

Christopher has been the in the "season of potty training" since last week(I was running low on diapers... ahaha). In the mornings I've been putting underwear (AKA big boy pants or BBP) on him by request. But they usually came off mid morning after the 2nd or 3rd accident or naptime, if I survived that long:)

But this week, he's been doing GREAT!! Yesterday I went into town and he stayed dry the entire time.... he did use a bathroom at every stop though.... just something about using a different bathroom:) And yesterday in the morning before I left for town he staying dry for an hour and a half without using the potty once!!

Anyway, it's been a great experience this time. I"m not using any one method although after using 3 Day Potty Training for 2 weeks I think the kids had most of the training down they just needed the encouragement and motivation.

I finally figured out that Christopher much, much, much prefers to stand while pee-peeing and his motivation has been gum (leftover gum from Halloween)!!

Our final step in this "season" for Christopher was to have a BM or "stinky" on the potty. Today after lunch Brian caught him in the corner and we put him on the potty before he had really started.

Of course, I had to get the camera for this anticipated moment.... he'll thank me in 20 years, maybe 30 years.... right??

After a few minutes of waiting (thanks to Anna for entertaining him), he had is 1st "Stinky Success"!!!!!! When he heard the splash, he jumped off and peared into the potty and was sooo excited!!!

He DID IT!!! HE DID IT!!!!

We were all soo excited!!!

Then he realized his accomplishment came with a HUGE reward.... his ambulance!! The toy that had been sitting on the highest shelf ready for this Success!!

He couldn't wait to get it down and open it!!

He was sooo glad to get the little toy and drive it on his roadway rug:) He and Anna played with that little Brio toy ambulance as quietly as little mice for 15 minutes at least while I took pictures of them:)

Earlier I had debated about just giving him the toy because he really, really wanted to play with it and because this Success seemed months, even years away.....

But I'm sooo glad that I stuck to my "strict" plan !!! After he made his stinky he was even more excited becasue he remembered what his reward was going to be:) And I'm glad he was able to feel like he accomplished something great!

I asked him for his naptime if he wanted diaper or keep his BBP on..... he wanted his BBP, of course..... He's a Big Boy now:)

This was his 1st Success.... I'm hoping for many, many more!! BUt I felt like this was the one thing holding him back from being completely potty-ready.... and now that we've crossed this bridge, I feel like we're almost done.... He might actually be potty trained by 3 yrs old!! I would have never thought that possible in September!!


Grandma said...

Congratulations Christopher!!! We are very proud of you.

Debbie said...

I'm afraid he won't ever thank you for that picture. His fiance may one day - but not him! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

grammie said...

Wow I'm so glad that you stuck with the plan. Now he knows that you mean what you say. Your "yes" means yes and your "no" means no. Matt 5:37a Wasn't it great to be able to reward him with a long awaited "prize". Good job "both" of you!! May there be many more successful stinkies in the future!!!

As far as the picture goes, Eric loved his and even it had on the slide show at his high school graduation in front of hundreds of people. I think "I" was the one who wished I had never taken it. I'm not sure how well it went with all the Arabs in the audience. Oh well, it was one of his accomplishments. Right???

Drea said...

WOOOO!! and so glad he finally got his choo choo :-) the boys love theirs