Friday, November 14, 2008

The Chef:)

This week I've mentioned a couple of times how fussy Lydia has been.... I'm sure it's from teething and the HARD toddler years:) She's a little girl that loves attention and snuggles, so it just breaks her little heart when Momma is busy with her siblings. And this week I have been:) Anna's been working hard on her reading lessons and Christopher has been stealing the show with his potty training:)

So this earlier this week, Lydia and I baked together while the older two watched a show:) It was good for both of us.... sooo many times when we ALL try to bake it's WiLd.... but this was relaxing and fun:) I even had time to grab my camera in the process:)

Here is the little chef at work.... mashing the bananas.... for banana bread, of course:)

Hmmmm... must be around snack time because before I knew it she was doing this......

Look at those FULL little cheeks trying NOT to smile at the camera.... she's just too cute!!

*** We did finally finish... and plenty of banana made it into the bread:) And the bread is already FINISHED!! Didn't even last 2 full days:)

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grandma said...

Lydia, I wish I had a piece of your delicious banana bread!