Monday, November 17, 2008

Little BUSY hands

Anna didn't want to nap today.... sometimes she naps and other times she doesn't:) Anyway we don't have anything goin on this evening, so it was a good day to skip a nap:)

First we did her reading lesson (didn't get to it this morning). Then we worked on her new little clock toy (teaching her how to read a clock). Then I tried to get her to nap with my on the couch, but she watched our town mantenance team put up the Christmas wreaths:) Finally I thought I should start working Prizeatron, so Anna worked on some math manipulatives... just playing (and secretly learning).

Finally she was bored and needed something to do... so I put her to work sorting through all the 330+ pictures I ordered last week!!! And she did it.... hahhaa...

One picture was of her last year dressed soo funny (she had picked out her outfit) pretending to use a microphone to sing. Anna held up the picture so I could see it and she shook her head and said, "This picture is weird. I'm not going to put this one in my pile!!"

( I don't have the pic on my computer so here's another one from yesterday.)

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grandma said...

Hi, my beautiful princess!