Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fussy Toddler... babywearing week contests

FOr the past two days (maybe longer) Lydia has been sooo fussy and demanding. I'm not sure what to do with her. I think it's just part of toddler-dom and learning you can't have your way all the time.... then mix in that Mommy is busy with Anna in the mornings and she might be getting some more teeth.... and i guess that's reason for any toddler to fuss!!

I was able to spend time with just her as the older ones enjoyed some ELMO... hahaa!! I'll post those pictures later today... we cooked together:)

This is Babywearing Week:) I've worn the kids in a Playtex Snuggly since Anna was born but I've come to learn that there are TONS more beautiful and more comfortable options out there (although my Snuggly got us through grocery shopping and park playtimes with three kiddies under 3 for many, many months)!!

But now that I've been influenced by Andrea.... I had the chance to borrow some from Andrea and wear a ring sling for some photos . I've got ideas of what I'd love to have, if we ever were to be expecting again.

In honor of babywearing week I'm including some contests to win some NICE babywearing gear:)

... I actually would have worn it today had I have one (my Lydia outgrew our Playtex snuggly at almost a yr old)... anyone here's a bloggy contest Momma, at Northwest Mom Finds, giving away an Ergo carrier... sugn up HERE!!

Here's another but you have to blog about it :) It's from Steph at Adventures in Babywearing and she's giving away a Nest Sling.... HERE!

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