Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Morning & Allergy Fears

Well I did use some of the "pumpkin math" ideas.... but for our Halloween morning we had a Pumpkin Morning!!! We drew pictures of our pumpkins, they described(felt, colors,etc) them and I wrote their words. We then weighed and measured the pumpkins and ordered them from largest to smallest:)We also played a Pumpkin Face shape match game in the kids' Highlights Magazine and read a book that talked about how pumpkins grow and end up at the pumpkin patch... very, very informative and definitely counted as some science:)

Then I brought the kids into the kitchen to carve them..... I made a video of how they entertained themselves as I got our supplies and kitchen ready for the mess (it was too chilly to go outside) !!

Sorry I don't have picture of them carved out... I just haven't done it yet:) Friday was a busy day:) But we will get to it... think I should carve a turkey or a Christmas tree on them.... ahhahaa

The other thing about the pumpkins and the carving is that I'm not sure how much contact Christopher should have with the pumpkin juices and insides...ewww:) Since he has had trouble with a squash allergy, he might also have a problem with I kept a close eye as he made a couple scoops and I kept the stool near the sink so he could wash his hands whenever he needed to (regardless of what I was doing or had on my hands).

But no reactions, although I haven't given him a roasted pumpkin seed to try yet... not sure if I will even try it... I'm actually thinking giving him a piece of a baked pumpkin muffin might be a better trial since it would have been processed and baked at least once.... we'll see....

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Grammie said...

What fun!!!! I like the way they used them as drums. You even had a music session and didn't even know it. Did they like the pumpkin seeds toasted?