Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let them do IT

This is kind of in response to my friend Erica's post about what do with our sometimes "stubborn" husbands:) Hhahhaaa.... My official response is that we have to let them be stubborn!! And sometimes they'll learn from it ..... :)

Last night we had a snack of cupcakes after the kiddies went to sleep. The cupcakes were made egg-free with egg replacer and so they were very moist and a little crumbly. As I contemplated about how to frost them I decided to warm up some chilled frosting in the microwave for seconds making it easier to spread.

My better- half said that he didn't like his frosting warm, so he was just going to spread it. And in his usual late-night, dry humor joked me about having HOT frosting that would just melt off my cupcake:)

I finished frosting mine in seconds.... worked beautifully and NOTHING dripped off:) But poor Brian tried to spread a lump of frosting over his crumbly cupcake.... well you can see the results..... what can I say???? STUBBORN :)

So after he saw the picture I had taken of him, he said I didn't get the cupcakes "good enough"! He decided to sit the cupcakes on the counter and asked for the camera.... I must have hesitated because he quickly added, "It's my camera too" aha haaaa..... we're like the kids after they've been put to bed:) He has always been the one to take better pictures than I but lately I've had a LOT more PRACTICE....

so here are our pictures... his on the left mine on the right:)

*** And the only reason I can laugh about him and his stubbornness is that I'm JUST as bad as he is, sometimes worse. And he just lets me be stubborn (usually)!!


Anonymous said...

I think Brian takes great photographs.

3 for Me! said...

hahhaaa... nice try honey:)

grammie said...

His picture has better lighting, but yours definately shows how distructive he was in icing that poor cupcake. How much pressure did he use??? Hew but who cares I'd still eat it. HEE HEE

Dorian said...

I like how yours is on a "grown up" plate and his is on a kiddie plate!

Dorian said...

oh, and I love that face!!