Friday, September 5, 2008

Diapers are Back

At least for Christopher.... he is showing NO desire to potty. He just as content as ever to pee and stinky in BBP.... so after a warning yesterday, they are GONE!!

But in many ways the training continues..... I will be encouraging him to have dry diapers and to use the potty.... but if he has NO desire to try, I don't have the mess. And maybe helping with BMs by watching WHEN he usually goes and make time to sit with him the bathroom to let him have a chance to be successful. And all his BBP were put up, he was disappointed (for a second).

Last night I did a little more potty training reading... everyone has different ideas! Dr Sears hints and suggestions were helpful. But I really think (at least for Chris) keeping the diapers and giving him a little more time might help. As well as displaying the PRIZE for when he is ready to take the initiative! So maybe in a couple of months we'll be ready....we'll see

I have to be honest and say that I am a little disappointed, but you know the saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!" Well that is my Christopher potty training saying," You can put a kid on the potty, but you can't make them pee or stinky!" So I"ll have to be patient and just wait....

Meanwhile... I can concentrate on Lydia! She is doing well, but I haven't been has diligent with her b/c I've had Christopher to keep track of. So maybe with him in diapers, I can be more of an encouragement to her:)

Here she is yesterday enjoying some Smarties....


Drea said...

awe .. well you know I think its good for you and him both. I think if anything him seeing Lydia may encourage him to do it. Cause he will then be the only one in diapers.

Lydia looks so cute! And nice idea w/ the smarties in a cup :-)

grammie said...

I think they make diapers too comfy these days. They have all that stuff in them that makes all the wetness not be against your skin, no wonder he likes them so much!! I hope "Depends" are made just as nice when I have to start using them. HeHe

Anyways I was thinking "why is potty training so hard?" and that's when I realized that my kids all had CLOTH diapers (except for Eric) and they couldn't wait to get out of those wet, soppy, smelly things!!! Plus those rubber pants on top of them made them hot, too and chapped their legs. Who knows????