Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day!

Freedom is Never Free!!!!
Thank you, Veterans!
Thank you to all those still serving!
And thank you to all their spouse and families who also sacrifice soo much!!


Annie and Lyla's Mom said...

I have been deeply encouraged from reading your blog. My husband, Caleb, is overseas right now on a deployment, he's in the Marine Corps. Thank you for your support. Please keep him in your prayers.

Annie and Lyla's Mom said...

Hey it's me again. I understand that your husband is a pastor.... well I was wondering if your Church body would be interested in giving donations to my best friends family. They're tryin to adopt a Russian boy, Misha, who is handicapped. They feel like this is God's will, they just need the money to do it. If your interested you can look up helpmisha.com it has the whole story. God Bless.