Friday, April 30, 2010

Guess Who Showed Up Day????

Must have gotten just quiet enough at naptime today because when we woke the praying mantises had started to emerged.... there were tons of them coming out of the little egg case!!!

Lydia and Chris really liked watching them!!

Here are more pictures so you cn see what they looked like and how FULL the "cage" was. The pictures are a little blurry because of the screen:)

Once Daddy is finished mowing the lawn we will decide how many to keep and how many to release. The directions tell us to release all but 1-2. We have an extra "cage" from the butterfly project we did in August so we might be able to keep another. But we have to feed them insects... which will add to the adventure around here:)

Ok, Nate!!! The pressure is ON (literally, too)!!!
Our to-do list is finished..... we're just waiting on you (and the carpet upstairs)!!!

WOW... 39 weeks & the plan

Our appt yesterday went well... as usual Nate and I are doing well on the medical side of things!!!!

I was checked to see if I was making progress towards labor and I am.... we are 2-3cm dilated and 70% effaced! My midwife was amazed that I wasn't in labor yet and emphasized that it could be really ANY TIME!!! which is encouraging :)

The last two days and then when I got home, I have been really crampy and sore. Tonight was the worst so Brian sent me to bed after dinner tonight ( I "snuck" my laptop in with me.... to UPDATE you, of course... LOL!!). And honestly, laying down I feel sooo much better!!! Standing or sitting up I have a TON of pelvic pressure, like Nate is going to fall out:)

I don't remember having this much pressure with Lydia or Chris.... with Chris I had NO clue he was coming!!! Brian and I enjoyed 2 date-meals after I was 40 weeks when we were waiting around for Lydia!!!!

Because I have made some progress towards labor and because of Nate's size, scheduling an induction was discussed. I'll be honest that I really, really didn't want to go this route just because it's nice to know that Baby is ready and Chris' labor IV, tube-free was wonderful!!

But I was informed that I'd have to have an IV anyway to administer the antibiotics regardless if I was induced or not..... WHY!!????!!! Group Strep B??? Never had it before, didn't even know what it was or knew I had it until our final conversation at this last appt!!

So one of my MAIN reasons for not being induced was gone!! My body has been fine with induction before. I am about to DROP this baby out now. And we could pick who delivers Nate and make arrangements for the kids if we had a particular date....

so we scheduled the induction!

Bright and early Tuesday morning, May 4th.... which seems like forever right now:)

Honestly, my midwife thinks I'll be at the hospital before then anyway!!! I like that it's enough time for my body and Nate to act if they are going to. And I may not even need pitocin if I continue to dilate (whoo -hooo!!!). And we think it will keep Nate from getting too big (although it's only days from my actual due date which is May 7th!).

I read this set of verses weeks ago and they have stuck with me.... they are kind of a stretch to fit my (tough end of preggo) situation since it's talking about a much bigger "trial" - persecution of believers and looking ahead to eternal rest and glory....

For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

2 Corinthians 4:17,18

But it's still a challenge to me !!! NOT to dwell on the "little" troubles that cause discomfort right now... I need to have the bigger picture in my view...

which is soon to hold a new, sweet, amazing blessing that we have been given to nurture & care for!!!

*** I also need to thank our community and church members for their willingness to be called to come sit with the kids when we do go into labor. I'm thankful at how many have volunteered!! They have also been a blessing to us this week with revival meals, leftovers and help with the kids so I could enjoy the services myself!!! Oh, and gotta love those guys running to the carpet place to plead with the installation people to finish the job before Nate arrives... LOL!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still in Here.....

So Nate didn't wake us in the middle of the night with any birth plans....

Brian jokingly said that maybe he is leaving room for a sibling and will show up tomorrow:) Of course it's only 11am (right now) so he still has plenty of time to make the "birthday pattern"... hint, hint, hint... LOL!!

This is the second day in a row when I've been crampy during the day... I was thankful that yesterday they eased off enough to enjoy revival!! But this morning, they were back.... dilate, dilate, dilate!!! hahhaha

So as I rested, the kids PLAYED... oh I mean destroyed Chris' room!!

Hey, they had a great time!! They played well together... it's kind of LOUD.... but at least it's giggles and playing scenarios... And the mess has been contained to ONE room versus the whole house:)

Only once has the kitchen floor had some cleaning done (our form of time-out).

I love the picture.... it's REAL!! There's a mess!! And a little girl telling me WHO is responsible for cleaning up each thing!!

Usually I'd be a little more uptight with Chris' room looking like a disaster zone.... but the fact that they have let me rest. And then made their own plans to clean it up (although they've been working on that part for 30+ minutes now... with even more giggles... I can hear "some" cleaning progress)!!

Looks like we will be having that OB appt this afternoon!! We'll see what my body and Nate are up to. Maybe we get some signs that labor is coming. And depending on signs of labor and Nate's size, there might have to be some decisions that have to be made...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why TONIGHT Would be a Good Night... LOL!!

I'm all about a baby coming when they are ready (with the health of baby and Mommie in mind, of course)!!!

But NATE.....

tonight would be great!!!!!!!

  • Tonight was the last night of our great revival. Mommy has had the opportunity to sit through each service (with your siblings mixed throughout the congregation) and be challenged! It's been a very spiritually challenging and emotionally encouraging week as we have spent time soo much time each night with church members and friends.

  • If you come after midnight, you'd fit right into our family's birthday pattern since tomorrow is the 29th!!

  • We've had three different church members offer to come and stay with your siblings on Thursday!!

  • Daddy could be home to lead Operation In As Much at our church on Saturday. I wouldn't be able to visit each group and take pictures.... but that's ok, I might not be up to it with you in my belly either:)

  • We have to visit the midwives on Thursday, anyway! Wouldn't it be nice just to come out and meet them in the morning and not wait until the afternoon??

  • Doesn't ONE more squished car ride in the belly sound better than two or more???

  • Does the fact that it's a full moon tonight mean anything for us???
***Of course if Nate decides to wait and we head to the OB office.... there will be some MAJOR triple shopping happening Thursday afternoon before I head home.... LOL!!!

WW: Another Belly

Not sure if it's belly envy or empathy (or just mimicking!!!)...

But it seems like there is another big belly other than just mine around here lately:)

This Momma is super crampy today..... maybe something is happening???? We'll see what the day holds!

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homemade Transformers and Guy-time

The kids love their Daddy.... like most kids!!! But I've started to notice that even the way they spend their time with Brian is different. They all love making visits and running errands with him (they always get stuck going with Mommy... LOL!!).

The girls love the time to curl into Brian's lap when they wake in the morning or in the evening before they go to bed. They love to sit and read books with Brian or "model" a new dress/outfit or hairstyle for him (and just beam with his compliments!!!).

But Chris is different..... oh, he loves the snuggles, books and compliments, too!! He loves it when his daddy gives him "dinosaur" hair!! But he also really needs "physical" time with his Dad... wrestling, chase, throwing a ball (or better yet throwing "soft" balls at each other)!

Last week while Brian and I enjoyed an afternoon "date", one of sweet church members stayed at the house with the kids. And they did tons of "projects"! One of the projects Christopher made were Transformers.... little men from foam that he cut out:) It wasn't until later that we learned what Chris' intentions were with the "Transformers".....

Transformer FIGHT with Daddy:)

The pictures don't exactly capture all the grunts, giggles and other special effects that really explained how much fun these two had with this "toy"!!

There is definitely something to be said for Daddys!! And how much their little boys need "guy" time with them:)

Wanted to share this about Chris.... the other night at Walmart he saw something he HAD to have!!! In fact the next morning he was digging through his "penny jar" collecting the amount of money he was going to need for his "special" purchase...

Yes, lined paper and sticky notes!!!! My son is obsessed with writing and drawing pictures on paper and will use gobs of paper each day.... so now he has his own stack to draw and write whatever his little heart pleases:)

Oh, and one of the sweetest things was that he shared the sticky notes with his sisters.... they were delighted as well:) And I've got a house covered in pictures on sticky notes.... stuck to EVERYTHING!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Feelings at the "End"

It's amazing how close we are getting to Nate's due date.... just days away... and that's before we even consider that he could surprise us;)

The "end" is hard... there is just such a crazy mix of emotions during this time for ALL of us!!!

Obviously with the physical strains on me... I am ready! It's not comfortable carrying the extra 35+ pounds... it really gives me more compassion for those who struggle with weight!! Because the extra weight DOES make a difference in how I move, wear and my energy level.

If you are tired of listening to me talk about my feet????? Just imagine my hubby, he's been soo understanding!! But it is by far the hardest thing about my pregnancy.... I am VERY fortunate and thankful that this is the case!! But since my feet have been soo stretched, they are also very sore... I've yelped a couple of times from pain when my kiddies have hit or stepped on my feet... OUCH!

One of the funniest feelings I have had is a little uneasiness about labor.... it's funny because I've been in labor 3 other times before so I go into delivering Nate with plenty of experience! But I guess each labor is different AND there is PAIN involved... LOL!!

But I'm thinking that the reason we get soo uncomfortable at the "end" is because we actually look forward to labor and are very willing to start;)

I am trying to enjoy these "last days"!!!

I feel Nate moving in my belly and KNOW I will miss him being sooo close and feeling him in there! He's been such an easy baby to carry:) And it's just too sweet of a feeling to WISH these days away!!

In fact last night I called Anna to come feel Nate moved as I rested in bed (for a second!!). Nate was moving around and I really didn't want her (and then Lydia joined us) to miss feeling him, too!! I was glad to see them start to interact a bit and try to talk to him;)

We feel like we are mentally ready for Nate, but both Brian and I are trying to get "last minute" things done. Brian has worked sooo hard finishing up (what he can) of the house renovations and new living room decor! He's also trying to get church events coming up planned and ready so he'll be ready if Nate surprises us;)

The kids are doing well. They've been pretty good with me trying to sit and rest a little more. I know they are getting a little restless with me, but that's the season we'll be in for now and a few weeks after Nate comes.... so we've been talking a lot about that. What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home is one of our favorite books to get them ready:)

One thing is for SURE.......
when Nate gets here.... he will be WELL- LOVED!!!!

Thanks again to Andrea for these great pics;) They are soo precious!

Friday, April 23, 2010

38 Weeks and the Birthday Pattern

I'm 38 weeks now..... honestly at 36 weeks when I was told how big he was, I didn't think I'd get this far..... but I'm here:)

To say, I'm doing well and a "happy camper" would be a little stretch..... this week I have felt even more limited by the swelling.... it's soo limiting and uncomfortable by the evening! But I have still remained busy in (and out) the house taking care of the family and the house.

Each night I have spent time cleaning and tidying "just in case"!! So my house is probably cleaner than normal.... at least it seems like it to me:) And my laundry has been caught up and manageable (why does it seem easier now??).

Emotional, too!!! I'm not sure why I'm letting little things really get under my skin? isn't that supposed to come AFTER the baby comes???

My sleeping has changed the last week or two.... while preggo ladies are KNOWN for all the pillows stacked around them, I have actually started to use less!! I have one for my legs and one for my head.... LOL!!! My belly hs gotten soo big that I don't need the support anymore and I've been having a less problems with ligaments..... gooo figure:)

I've been commenting that Nate is really moving around now. His movements are still (usually) very calm but more and more obvious and strong. In fact there have been times when I thought I was having contractions but it was just Nate pushing in a few different directions!

He also has been getting the hiccups more. I've actually noticed that he gets them when I haven't eaten or drank for a while (just busy with the kdis) . He's my little "alarm clock" saying,"Mommy it's time to drink something!"

I think I've mentioned our birthday pattern on the blog before... but all of our birthdays are in the last part of certain months. Like this!

  • 24th - Me

  • 25th - Chris

  • 26th - Lydia

  • 27th - Anna

  • 28th - Brian

Anna and Chris were both due in the following month but came days earlier at the end of the previous month. Like Anna, she was due in early June, but came 5 days early on May 27th :) Lydia was the exception.... she was due in the middle of the month but then was a week late, we could have induced a day earlier, but we didn't want to induce and wanted to give her one more day to come on her own:)

So..... if Nate is following the "pattern"... LOL!! He should have come TODAY (the 23rd) or next Thursday (the 29th)!!! LOL!!!! Honestly, it would be fun if he did "fit" the pattern... but I'll take ANY day now:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lotza Updates

Hmmm, where to start???

Our BIG Project: I posted this week about where the project stood. But it's just amazing where we are right now.... sooo much has been done:
  1. Bathroom mirrors have been put up
  2. Living room carpet was put back around the new staircase
  3. All the trim, closets & doors upstairs has been primed and painted
  4. Bathroom vinyl flooring has been put in
  5. Hall closet door was scraped, sanded, primed & painted
  6. The plastic in the hall is GONE!!!
  7. Living room totally painted and furniture put back:)

They really have been busy! BUT I am soo thankful it seems like most of our originial living space is now back to "normal"! And as soon as everything is dry and rehung, the carpet is in upstairs and the plumbers finish up.... we'll be totally done;)

Lydia's doctor's appt: Lydia was ready to fuss as she dressed the morning of the doctor's appt. I'm not sure why my kids are scared of the doctor. I really don't like going either.... so maybe they get it from me???

Anyway, she was fine until the doctor came in. She didn't even TRY to obey him... she shut her eyes and looked away when he tried to see in her eyes. I had to hold her when he listened to her heart/lungs!

The doctor finally got to check her eyes and she was "mad" that the doctor had gotten what he needed and so she buried her head into my chest..... the doctor saw the opportunity!! While she had her head turned and her arm "exposed" he quickly gave her the ONE shot she needed!!!

Right after she looked at me with this "what was that?" expression, but didn't fuss until she saw the doctor trying to get a band-aid on her. For my non-sticker kid, she wasn't too happy with a band-aid so we skipped that! She was 33 pounds and 38.5 inches... like 70% and 60%!!

Lydia and I had gone alone for the appts! And so she went with into my OB appt:) Since it was just a check-up we were in and out sooooo quickly!! Even soo Lydia did a great job letting the nurses and midwife talk to me.

Again, like my alone time with Chris last week, I was glad to have a couple of hours with just Lydia. It was a sweet time.... like just her and I getting to talk in the car or over lunch! She even got to play at a playground.... she played alone or followed a couple of other kids, but came sooo quickly when I called... she was soo sweet:)

My doctor's appt: I already did a quick update.... but everything looks good. I did measure 3 weeks bigger again... so I am 38 weeks but measuring at 41:) And that was with NO weight gain this week??

Next week, we'll have to decide whether we will plan to induce Nate at 39 weeks or wait for him. The main concern is how BIG he could get if we don't induce or he doesn't come soon;) Anyway, I hoping to see them at the hospital before my scheduled appt.... although we have a BUSY week next week;)

Date Afternoon: Brian and I got a special treat Thursday afternoon! We had a sweet friend come to watch/play with the kids while Brian and I headed into town for lunch and a movie!! With me trying to get our delivery details and being WAY preggo and Brian very busy with painting/housework on top of his normal schedule......

we needed some time together and away!!

It was nice!! We did see Alice in Wonderland... it's not one of my favorite stories! But it was nice going to a movie geared more toward kids. BUT it was definitely NOT for MY kids..... first it's a weird story. Then it's directed by Tim Burton... so that makes it even more strange. I know it's a classic children's book, but I was glad we decided to see it without the kids!!

*** Sorry I don't have any pics!!!! I'll definitely get some of the house when we can!

Off to get my feet UP.... only helps to have them higher than my heart!!! They will just swell to balloons at night.... some nights I can't even bend my toes b/c they are soo swollen.... a yucky feeling!!! you definitely DON't want a PIC of these:) LOL!!

The Last Items in the Hospital Bag

The countdown is on and we finally have our hospital bag PACKED:) It's actually been slowly packed piece by piece since our last big trip.... Everything is packed on our bag.... extra clothes, new toothbrushes, hair ties, baby clothes, etc!!

But this weekend on his way home Brian picked up one of the final items for me.... it was the ONE reason for me to travel to this bigger city... this ONE item....

A sleeping nursing bra!!

I really wanted to get one to labor in under the hospital gown. And then to use for support since we'll be nursing every night for the next few months;)

My BRAVE husband walked into a maternity store with three tired kids and a small note I had made to help him and the clerk make a decision about what size I needed. He said he glanced at the note BEFORE he went in :) In the note was two bras I own.... the size and their brands. One brand being another maternity/nursing bra and then the other being my favorite brand called Barely There......

So my sweet husband reads through the note and is determined that he shouldn't pull out the note with the clerk there because he doesn't want to know that one of the bras "barely fits" his wife (he didn't realize that was the BRAND and NOT how it fit)!!! LOL!!!!!

He did finally pull out the note and call me! And I did get the bra I had been hoping for and I can finally put it into the bag (or wear it to the hospital!!!)

The LAST item was a DVD.... yes, my husband is a movie buff but don't usually buy DVDS. We DID recently purchased one of our FAVORITE movies, Pride and Prejudice. And now it's packed to watch during that 24 hours after Nate is born and before we are sent home!!! We'll see how much we get to see.... but it's something we both can look forward to....

LOL.... just thinking... maybe as I'm laboring I can focus on how "comfortable" I'll be after labor holding my baby watching one of my favorite movies....

sounds like a delightful hospital stay doesn't it.... after labor, of course;)

For those interested: I had a regular maternity checkup Wednesday!! Nothing new except I am measuring 41 now and I hadn't gained ANY weight!!!! My midwife didn't try to guess his weight today.... it sounds like at our next appointment we will see if my body getting ready for labor and make a "plan"......

Honestly, I'd rather just see my midwife at the hospital this weekend:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WW: THIS Scares me to Watch....


This is the daughter who usually is the last to try something that is NEW!! She ZOOMs around the yard, sometimes I'm not even sure if she is looking where she is going!

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!

Today we are doing our other set of appts. Lydia has her 3 yr old well-check up and I have my almost 38 week check-up!! Anyway, Lydia doesn't like doctors so it could be a really trying day :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Think We're JUST waiting for Nate????

I look around my house and just..... LAUGH!!! We have sooo many projects going on right now.... it's actually to the point that I wonder if having Nate amidst all the "projects" would add to any "craziness" ????

So let me share what else (besides Nate) we are waiting for.... in no order of importance:

#1 - Our upstairs potty (and other plumbing)

#2 - Carpeting upstairs in both rooms upstairs, up the stairs and the repositioning in the back of my LIVING room!

#3 - We also have had our vanity mirrors in BOTH the downstairs bathrooms removed to be replaced since the lighting fixtures weren't working. But the replacement vanities don't fit in the old spaces.... so this is what we have in the mean time...

#4 - My hallway..... great to have the "new" storage & I'm looking forward to putting some "bigger" baby items in it... but the trim needs major prep. before it can be painted. And there's no reason to pull the plastic covering the carpet in the hall until that work has been done.....
BTW... I love all the "extras" our contractor did to help keep the house clean. The plastic covering the carpet has been great... we can just "Sweep" the carpet! But it's also one of the things I am SOOOO ready to get rid of;)

#5 - Painting the living room..... LOL!! Did I even tell you we were needing to do this??? Since we added the half-wall for the staircase and there was evidence of traffic on the back wall, the living room needed painting!!!!

The GREAT news is that Brian finished that last night... and so (minus the back carpet) the living room will be back together soon:) Do you like the color???? I really like how the trim in the room really POPS now!

#6 - New Pet(s) - A few weeks ago we a GREAT opportunity to work with Insect Lore (such a cool company, review on SIMPLE soon!!!) and hatch some praying mantises!!! Since it came with an egg case, we immediately set it up and started this project!!

So daily we peek in on our "pets" to see if they have emerged!! The funniest thing is that we're not quite sure how many will emerge or when???
They say 3-6 weeks after receieving the egg case is the normal hatching time. We're on week #2 but the hatching season is also coming to an end.... so it may be a little earlier than the 6 weeks!

And I'm not sure what our childcare help will think of a case FULL of praying mantises hatching while they're here.... hha ahahaa!! The good thing is that they should be ok for a day and we don't plan to be at the hospital for more than 24 hours;)

So.... got any projects at your house?????

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Momma's in the Kitchen

Thanks to Mary @ Not Before 7.... I just love recording and remembering what my kids have said each week;)
As I was putting together the lunch for my family on their Saturday adventure without me :(

Anna (5 yrs) comes into the kitchen and says,"Mom, what are you doing?"
Me: "I'm making lunch for you guys."
Anna: "But isn't it your day off???"


We have to make a lot of our baked goods from scratch because of the food allergies... so I made pancakes (i think) one night for dinner!

After dinner Chris brought his plate into the kitchen and said,"Mom, did you make those pancakes?"
Me: "sure, I did. Why?"
Chris: "Those were good pancakes, Mom. You're a good cooker!"

And let me also share that when I made pancakes for breakfast last week, Chris ate 5 in ONE sitting!!! When he LIKES something, he likes it!!

"Day of Rest" & Throwback Video

A month or so ago, Brian was approached by his brother with a great opportunity to take the kids to a performance of Cinderella. We were all looking forward to the trip to the BIG, BIG city to visit, until the date was discussed.... Sat, April 17th... the week Momma would be 37 weeks!!!

Since my feet were already swelling and my measurements were already BIG... I was immediately hesitant about traveling too far (for comfort reasons and not to be too far from my midwives)! I had mentally been preparing myself to watch Brian and the kids walk out the door.... without me!

Sure, I had some hesitations about them going too... Brian alone and out with all three by himself (not sure if he's done that before???), what will they eat (food allergies), what if one was sick???? All the crazy "if Mommy's not there, what will Daddy do" scenarios have been going through my head.....

not like Brian can't handle them.... and sometimes MUCH better than I!!!

But then Saturday morning as they all marched off into the minivan and Brian said his goodbyes... my heart broke!

I couldn't go! They were really going to leave me..... here... at home... not really feeling up to even meet friends or go shopping! Abandoned???

So yes.... I shed some tears! Both in Brian's presence and after they left. I was exhausted from bathing one, helping them get their chores done, packing them up, making their "picnic"-type lunch and then emotionally a mess (thank you hormones!).

So the first thing I did was CRASH... on the unmade (washing the sheets) bed... cried some more, prayed some and napped!

I actually got some things done.... laundry (yes, the sheets DID get back on the bed), reviews written, talked to my mom (through some more tears) for a while and REST!! What I was supposed to be doing in the first place!!

I did however complete a task that has been weighing on me.... I finally got all the videos off the old computer. And in the process, I uncovered a sweet, sweet video of Anna and Christopher from August 2006... Anna had just turned 2 and Chris was about 8 months (and I was about 3 months preggo with Lydia)!! I just LOVE their silly interactions and Chris' expressions:)

The video reminded me of all of their growing up and how much fun it will be to have Nate here with us soon! So I'll take the "day of rest" and count it as keeping Nate and I healthy while we wait for his arrival...

even when it means having some temporary limitations!

BTW... they all had a great time. We spent our dinner that evening listening to them tell me the story of CInderella and that it was "real people"! So I'm glad they went.

Friday, April 16, 2010

37... measuring 40!!!!

Christopher and I had back-to-back doctor's appointments Thursday.... my way to save some mula is to get MANY tasks completed when we head into town!! And we definitely did.... 2 appointments, 2 grocery stops, lunch with Grammie and Pey and playtime/drinks at Sonic (Chris' reward, my excuse)!!

So yes, we are finally 9 months (37 weeks) and ready to go at anytime!!

I was happy to see the midwives again... I love being in their HALL:) Anyway, today she just shook her head and said, "He's going to be BIG!" She measured me and sure enough I"m still measuring a few weeks BIG!! I measured 40!!!

So tell me... what happens when I'm 40 weeks??? DO I stretch to 43 weeks preggo... might get new stretch marks then:)

Actually, my widwife said that she doesn't think I'll go much longer!! That of course is her guess and it builds my hope that we'll meet Nate a little earlier.... but the reality is that Nate will come when it's time!

The conversation of inducing DID come up.... I think it's on file that I have a legitimate reason to be induced at 39 weeks!! I was induced with Lydia, so I'm not totally against it, but I've also been through a very "easy" little medical intervention with Chris and THAT is the way I hope we can go again!!

I am thankful for this time of "preparation" we have had!! We got in a maternity shoot with Andrea this week! And the results were beautiful:)

We are also using each morning to school.... Anna is just days/lessons from completing the core of her 1st grade work!! (That's it's own post!!)

On the physical front, I am doing well. I am still doing all the mommy and housewife tasks! My ankles, feet, toes... look like a BLOB at the end of the night... but besides feeling gross, it's not really "painful".

The ligament cramps and PMS-like cramps have caused some loss of sleep this week, but those are expected with the size of Nate and how far along I am now.

I gained some more weight this week... more than I was hoping.... but my new cravings have been soymilk/fruit shakes, fresh fruit and Sonic peach tea mixed with water (that stuff is SWEET)!

Nate is still moving a little more now! It has kept me up a little, but after MOST of the pregnancy not feeling him as much, his pushes and bumps are very comforting! he is doing more too... so maybe he's gearing up to meet his excited siblings;)

My midwives' estimated weight today was 8.5 pounds!! It's just an estimation... but that's a lot of baby for being 37 weeks;)

I mentioned that Chris also had an appt, too, today!! I was soo proud of how well he patiently waited for the nurse and then the doctor. He was soo obedient and did so well with the eye-sight and hearing tests... he looked sooo cute (didn't grab my camera fast enough)!

He now weighs 40 pounds and is 41 1/2 inches tall!! He's grown 3 inches in less than a year... I think most of that growth spurt happened just a month or two ago when he started fitting in the pants that were too big earlier in the winter!!

We did have a breakdown with his ONE shot.... but after that he was back to himself... loving the all the attention of Grammie, Pey and Mommy!!

His reward for being soo great at every stop and appt was to go to SONIC!! So that was our last stop as we headed home;) It was a little strange for him to be a Sonic without his sisters... he looked like a "lost" puppy for a bit, not having anyone to play with at first! But he soon found some other kids and jumped right in;)

A busy but fun day!!! I was sooo thankful that Grammie and Pey stopped by to spend time with us as they passed through on their way home. We LOVE having them at this new and closer job:) They were soo helpful with Chris and even kept him while I was with my midwife... made the appt go by fast;)

Next week it's Lydia and I with the back-to-back appts.... if we don't meet Nate first!!! LOL!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Teenager

As I think of having a newborn in the house, I look at the personalities already present in the house and wonder how our family dynamics will shift a bit with Nate's arrival???

I have an ACTIVE & creative little boy!!

A silly, sweet and tough little girl:) (in her Laura-Ingalls-Wilder hair)

And then my oldest...

my almost six yr old... going on sixteen... who no longer wants me to call her by her nickname "Banana" but by her middle name "Elizabeth" instead (a silly habit that's soo hard for this momma to break)!!!

Listening to her speak, she reminds me of myself..... she dreams of being a teacher. (A math teacher!!!) And I SEE it in her as she helps her siblings with their work or reads books to Lydia and Chris as I prepare a meal.

She attempts to be patient with her siblings that are constantly in her stuff. She begs to call her little friends to come play ( blossoming socially... after once being really shy).

I know the "teenage" years are coming!!

But I have really enjoyed having a kind and helpful little girl in my house. One that I now can sit and talk with! Or giggle with! One that helps me sooo much!!

I am soo blessed by my crew!!

And sooo refreshed by spending some fun, laid back outside time with them in the afternoons:)You Capture is week is "fresh"!!

May your father and mother be glad;
may she who gave you birth rejoice!
Proverbs 23:25

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WFMW & WW : Funny Labor Graphic!! and link to Maternity Pics

So I have just 2 days before I am 37 weeks!!!
I'm not expecting Nate to KNOW that it's OK to come NOW.... LOL!! But I've been feeling the need to be ready, really ready.

I mean, I can pack an overnight bags in minutes! But for labor, I always want to feel confident that I understand and know what my body is about to go through... LOL!!! So I have pulled out the labor resources we've collected from our 3 other births and have started to review:)

In the reviewing, I was reminded of this graphic.... which I LOVE:) but also find it soo helpful:) ENJOY:)

***This picture is a picture of a graphic from a booklet untitled Birth Companion Booklet that we received more than 6 years ago as we prepared for Anna's birth!! They still sell it HERE!

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!! And more always super helpful Works for Me Wednesday at We are That Family!!

We also had the chance to meet up with Andrea who took some family maternity pictures for us!!!

She is sooo super talented and makes even a simple moment gorgeous:) She's posted some of the pictures of the maternity shoot and our families together.... on her personal blog and photography blog:) They all are great and will be treasured !!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I'm starting to get the feeling that my kids are tired of me being tired:)

After repeated requests for something to drink. And my response being,"Just a minute."
Lydia (3 yrs): "Mommy, you have to stand up, to get me some juice."

Or any of my two youngest....
"Mommy, I'm done my stinky!" - hollered from the bathroom for the 100th time
Me: "I'm coming" - as I fight off the ligament cramps and get to the bathroom.
Their response: "I'm still waiting."

And I shared a Christopher joke last week, he's still at it!!

This time looking through his kiddie Bible, stopping at Jesus calming the storm.
Chris (4 yrs): Why did the stunk (aka skunk) get in the boat?
Us: ????
Chris: He wanted to make it a stinky boat. (And of course he laughs thinking it's a funny joke! We've got a wanna be comedian on our hands!!!)
This might be a "not me, Monday confession"!! But while eating spaghetti this week, Anna asked," Does this sauce have potatoes in it?"

Knowing what she was really trying to ask and that she depises tomatos and wouldn't finish her dinner, I only responded to the question she ASKED and not what she wanted to ask!! By the way, I had blended the sauce even more in an attempt to "hide" the tomatos... must have missed a few!!! So I said, "no."

She accepted the response and happily ate her food.

Then the next day while eating leftover spaghetti, Anna pulled out a chunk of tomato and said, "Mommy, I though you said it didn't have tomatos?" And I had to explain to her how I had tried to "trick" her when she had asked about potatos:)

Chris has been a very expressive kid:) But we got a chuckle this week as Lydia was hollering from the bathroom for help cleaning up. Brian looked at Chris trying to be serious and said, "Looks like you have to go clean her up!"

Chris looked up to the ceiling and rolled his eyes. Then he said,"Oh, brother!" LOL!!! So funny!!
We called the kids in for dinner this week. Chris came in but then stuck his head outside to holler something at Anna. He came in looking frustrated and so we asked him what was wrong. He responded, "Anna is not complying."
LOL!! We then asked what he meant and sure enough he had used the word "comply" correctly!!! Gotta love some PBSkids and Martha Speaks:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nesting & Preparation or Just Paranoid

This weekend I have had a little more energy and the feeling that I really have needed to have "stuff" together!

Maybe it was from Andrea's labor post, or us continuing to prepare for Nate or just that "feeling", but I pulled out our labor resources and started reviewing.... Oh, not me!!
Here is Anna helping me go through some cute outfits we picked up this week for Nate:) Gotta love some Once Upon a Child.... soo affordable and cute;)

***BTW, one of the resources talks about the signs of pre-labor.... I've experienced a few in the last few days... LOL!!! Probably a sign of just being a little paranoid especially since I'm not 37 weeks until the end of the week!

One night I just climbed into bed "early" just to read about labor. I was also very uncomfortable and thought it wise just to go to bed. Poor Brian came in to check on me.... complaining about cramps, reading labor books, being in bed "early"... I sooo didn't have him worried that we'd be making a trip to the hospital that night. And definitely not worried enough for HIM to start reading the labor books as well:)

Also while I watched the kids outside, I started working on their "daily schedule" and meals while Brian and I are in the hospital having Nate. I'm hoping the "schedule" is just useful for whoever keeps the kids, but the meals are soo needed with the food allergies!! We really want the kids to be safe! It's comforting for us and those watching them that there are "safe" foods/meals already planned and ready!

So as Brian headed to town for visitation, I totally handed him my list of groceries that needed to be picked up to complete the meal plans for the kids. I know he was thinking, "Does this have to be done TODAY?" But I'm in a stage where I need to feel like we're "ready"!! So, I did send my husband to the grocery store for items we may not need for weeks.... without concern about sales or coupons, yes, I did!

Sunday afternoon/evening I baked 4 loaves of banana bread to use up the old bananas AND prepare food for Brian and I to take to the hospital (due to more allergy concerns)... yes, I did!!

Do I put those in the freezer or will we need them in 10 days or less????

LOL!!! I'm starting to wonder if I'm nesting or just a bit paranoid and "jumping the gun"???

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sniffing Dandelions

Sorry, I had to share!! She was too cute running around the yard collecting dandelions, she calls them DAISIES and then smelling them. The first time she sniffed she had pollen all over her nose... LOL!!

Enjoy the beautiful weekend!!
This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Friday, April 9, 2010

Better is a Dish...

Do you remember the proverb???

Better is a dish of vegetables where love is
Than a fattened ox served with hatred. Prov 15:17
Well I have been learning how it applies to me!!!

It was a time ago now, but Brian and I thought we had company coming for the weekend. I quickly jumped on planning a menu, where our company would sleep, what we'd do, etc, etc, etc.....

After just hours of finding out about having visitors I was already overwhelmed....

Sure, I was pregnant. Sure, my house is full of little ones that don't always pick up after themselves. Sure, my house is in transition and a bit of choas with the attic renovation. Sure, the company coming were special to us, so we wanted everything nice, tidy and enjoyable!

But I was soo ovewhelmed with the preparations that the thought of having others over didn't even sound enjoyable to me. It takes work for my house to be clean!!! For our meals to be delicious masterpieces!!! And for preparing our living space to be shared!!!

Finally I confessed through tears to my husband that the planned visit was overwhelming me! I KNOW that it was wrong thinking on MY part and our company wasn't expecting everything to be as perfect as I was planning and overwhelmed about.

This has taken me YEARS to understand about myself!! I LOVE having people in my house and wanting them to feel comfortable and have a good time at our house!! But soooo many times, the extra work (some of which I put on myself) really does stress me out!!!

So last night..... even though we didn't have a GRAND meal planned!! Or my house was spotless (not even close)!!! Or our plans very exciting....we had company!

And we all ate ham biscuits, fruit and Andrea's crew brought salad!!! It was good;) But definitely NOT up to Martha Stewart's standards.... LOL!! But we all ate (something) on paper plates and we all had a great time with eachother!!!!

When will I learn?? That it's the PEOPLE and the relationships that matter and NOT the presentation!!!

Better is a meal of ham biscuits and fruit where others are welcomed and have a lovely visit, than a time missed with friends because I am attempting to striving towards something "perfect".

** And as Andrea blogged... we have 6 kiddies in the picture. It's just amazing that soon there will be 7!!! Just another week and we'll be "full-term"!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ultrasound Results

We had a good visit with the OB for the 36 week checkup. And the ultrasound DID answer many of the questions we had been having and the things that we were concerned about.

First things first! Nate is healthy and growing well:) Despite all my crazy "what if" scenarios.... he's normal and looks good from the ultrasound.

Second, what position is he in?
Nate is head down!!!! Whooo-hoooo!! Although he is laying with his back towards my belly and is pointed back. And he is curved to the right, which is why I am feeling most of the movements to the high left.... his feet:) The lower movements I am feeling are his little hands doing what babies in-utero do.

Third, why don't I feel Nate moving more strongly?
One reason could be his personality. But another is where my placenta is in my uterus! How it is laying, Nate is kicking at my placenta, but the movements don't all hit my uterus which is where the nerves are.... I KNEW I wasn't feeling a lot of movements! It's not a problem... just where and how everything attached months ago:)

Fourth, why am I measuring sooo BIG???
One reason is that I have plenty of fluid for Nate. It's in the normal range for a preggo lady, but it's on the higher end of the ok range and I am sooo small:) Who knows why I am carrying that much but I also had plenty for Lydia... so it's nothing new!

The real reason is NATE!!! He's a BIG boy (for me). Technically we are almost 36 weeks preggo (by everyone else's charts) but the ultrasound was estimating me to be about 39 weeks pregnant and had my estimated due date at April 21st.... not May 7th, like we have calculated! All b/c of Nate's measurements!

Today Nate'e weight estimated to already be 7lbs 10 oz!! Some of his measurements were at the 97% level for a newborn!! In fact I hunted around a bit for an average weight of newborns and it is 7 lbs 11 oz!! NEWBORNS!!!!!... we still have 4.5 weeks before we are full-term.

They said that the most a baby will gain is a 1/2 lb a week which makes the maximum that Nate could weigh at birth is like 2 more pounds or 9 lbs 10 oz!!! he would easily be my biggest baby... Chris was 8lbs 9 oz and the girls were both 7 lbs 14 oz!

The Plan
Right now because our vitals are great! Nate is healthy and head down! And that I have already birthed 3 decent sized babes.... The doctor is letting us continue normally:) I will hopefully just go into labor when it happens and Nate is ready (or my body is ready...LOL!).

We have to admit that we were a "little" disappointed that they weren't going to possibly start the discussion about inducing early because of his SIZE (it would be great to meet Nate soon!!)....

But I am MORE thankful that he's healthy and that the doctor has confidence that a normal labor and delivery is possible.... it just makes sense that my body would labor better if it's on it's own schedule... even though there could be uncomfortable days ahead... especially with the warmer weather and my ankles/feet/legs/hands!

Oh, and I am also glad that there is no other "special" concerns because that means I can see the midwives again and that they can deliver Nate!! It was going to be a little sad that I would have had to switch over to the doctors since I have had such great experiences with the midwives!

Thanks for all your prayers!! Everything looks good:) We will have a big, healthy baby boy in our arms in a little while longer;)

WW: Our Easter Day Pics

Sunrise service with the community

We all attended church and then headed to a neighbor's house. They are sweet church members who bring us in like family.... it's been such a special "tradition" to celebrate Easter with them and their family. And the kids really look forward to hunting Easter eggs;)

And since we were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL day, we stayed outside for a while and played;) And enjoyed a bit of candy:)
(she looks sooo tired!!)

At home we all CRASHED (aka... napped) for an hour or so. We all woke and then Chris fell back asleep moments later on Brian's lap!! Now that is TIRED.... for my little boy!
We had a great celebratory Resurrection Sunday!! I really enjoyed taking the kids to the Sunrise service. As Brian was waking the girls and helping them dress, I heard them ask why it was still dark and what we were doing....

And then I heard Brian sharing the GOOD NEWS that Christ rose from the dead!!! So sweet and natural and powerful at 6:30am Easter Sunday morning!! I was just soo thankful for the opportunity to share the WHOLE story with them!!

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!

***Think and pray for us today as we head off for the ultrasound and my 36 Week appt!! We have a sweet neighbor keeping the kids for us.... she even planned what to feed them for lunch, so maybe Brian and I didn't have to rush back. Ahhh, so nice;)