Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Close Call for the FISHY:)

Well you KNOW I've been doing a lot of housework when even the fish bowl gets clean....LOL!! I wish I would have taken a before b/c it was gross:) But Chippies-Warren got a new clean home.

But it was a little tramatic on him today.... first the kids carried him around in the cup (temparory home while I clean the bowl).... they build a little house for him and swished him around and around... until he looked seasick;)

I finally finished and dropped him in his "new" clean bowl:) I did put the water conditioning drops in it, but after a few seconds Chippies-Warren was looking and acting a little strange. He was trying to bury his head between the marbles at the bottom. He was taking LONG breaths at the top of the water. And he started to float sideways......?????

I left him alone for a few minutes and then checked on him and he seemed to be fine.... thank goodness!!!

I mentioned the fish's "odd behavior" to Brian while I had my hands on the bowl. I commented aloud how warm the bowl still was.... from the warm water I'd put in. Brian started laughing, "The fish doesn't care how warm the water is.... how warm was the water??? "

Whoops!! I almost boiled my fishy today:( I guess I've been so chilled I figured I'd at least give the fish warm water to be warm in.... guess it doesn't work that way for fish!!!

As you can tell from the picture, he's fine!!! Grumpy as usual:) But enjoying his new clean and now right temperature bowl!!

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becky said...

I did that once, except it was ice-cold water - fishy didn't like that either! :)