Tuesday, November 4, 2008

trying to please my hubby:)

I went grocery shopping today... my weekly stop-n-shop while I'm in town... saving gas you know??

Anyway, I asked my husband what he wanted... like usual and he reminded me that I had yet to get him any Cream of Wheat.

So that was a goal: Get Brian some Cream of Wheat :) So I searched BOTH stores and I found the name brand but it was soo over-priced!! And I didn't have any coupons... so I decided to hold off until a sale or a coupon or both:)

But until the Cream of Wheat purchase I thought some grits for my "country boy" would do (so cheap... like a small bag for a little over a $1) !! When I got home I showed him my purchase.....

He was pleased!!! Then he said, "I just LOVE some grits and sausage!!"

Hmmmm..... sausage?? Nope. Didn't pick any up!! Hahhaaaa.... so maybe next week we'll get to have his meal:)

BTW.... found another peacemaking stratgedy for grocery shopping! At the first store the treat is picking out the fruit snacks. And at the second store when things get "boring" the treat comes out and the kiddies are soo distracted Momma actually can get some shopping done:)

BTW..... at our local Walmart they have a pretty large assortment of ladies tank tops on clearance..... you know the ones you wear around the house in the summer:) Anyway, totally like $1-3 dollars a piece:) Totally well priced for getting stained, bleached and drooled on:)

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