Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping

Yes, I was one of the CRAZY ladies awake and at Kohls Friday morning/night! And since I'm on vacation and not familiar with this area, my sweet mother-in-law was talked into coming with me! :) We had never done the Early morning shopping before and was shocked that there were hundreds more CRAZY people at Kohls this morning:)

We stood in line to check out for close to an hour from almost 4:30 to 5:30!! And although I wished I was tucked into my bed at that time and was slightly uncomfortable with the items I had in my arms (no carts... hahaa).... I learned a lot!!

With people grabbing more and more to add to their carts (and arms)... I tried not to get caught up in the frenzy! My mother-in-law spied a couple of things that would have been nice to have and were at very nice and super afforable prices... but we stayed in line and pondered if we really NEEDED these "extra" items...

How much do we need?
How much stuff do our kids need?
What is our focus this season?

We've decided to focus on the Babe in the Manger and not the materials things that break, loose value and can be fit under a tree:) We will still be trading gifts with our loved ones but we've really tried to keep it simple and pray that our kids learn more about Christ than the latest toys and gadgets!

While our kids slept, Brian and I headed to our local Goodwill to spy some casual pants for Momma:) I always seem to find SOMETHING at this Goodwill:) Anyway, at 6am I found a cute winter dress for Anna at Belks for about $20 as an Early Bird Special!! But at Goodwill, I found this super cute BABY GAP jumper and matching hat for $2.99!! And honestly I don't even think it had ever been washed!!! Glad I waited on the $20 dress:)

I pray though with all of the holidays and birthdays we have during this season, that we would not loose focus on the Manger and Cross! And that we would be thankful for what we HAVE and not all we want and can (or can't afford to) acquire!!

***Maybe there is a VERY, VERY good reason we celebrate Thanksgiving BEFORE we celebrate Christmas????


Heather said...

Great post! I agree with you totally. This is something I struggle with EVERY year. I am almost anti-holiday. I just think it's insane and it's turned into a marketing scam. Every person I personally knows has everything they 'need' and most of them have everything they 'want'. I have a problem spending money like that, it's a waste. I don't feel like it's being a good steward. Martie and I talked about "adopting" children this year for every adult we had to buy Christmas for. Example, instead of buying my mom (this is JUST an example) something she doesn't need, then adopt a child and give her the picture and name of that child. However, no one in our families would EVER go for that, and they would probably all get mad. We're known for being a little crazy, I like to say radical. Maybe one year, we'll come up with a good solution, or we'll just get brave and say, we're not buying anything.

Drea said...

Cute Outfit! 100% agree.
Kohls always has nice deals on black friday. I went last year and gos ome great deals.. but this year found most of out stuff at wally world and big lots lol

Stacey said...

You know, this all makes me glad that we don't have crazy insane sales here. Though we still struggle with materialism, it's not quite so tempting when everything is full price!!