Monday, November 3, 2008

The New Commute :(

If you haven't noticed it's now November :) And for most of us that means planning for the holidays and colder weather.

But for my student husband it means only 6.5 months until his dissertation MUST be finished and defended!!! He started his PhD program a few weeks after we married. He found out in August of this year that he only had THIS year to finish the program!!

This is crunch time!! And we've figured that the best bet for his to get a little quiet study and writing time will be at the church office.....

So after 3+ years of working at the home office, Daddy has to commute now!! He has about 30 steps to make from our front door to his office chair at the church:)

While the distance isn't a big deal the actual move to the church office is an emotional one. Brian wants to be close to the kids and enjoys knowing what goes on during the day. So he really has been holding out on moving over to the church. But it's CRUNCH time!!!

And the kids have always had Brian right in the office, very close and accessible. They run to tell him when they've used the potty successfully or when they've written a new word for the first time or to show him a Duplo creation!!

The kids were pretty upset when Brian left this morning. The older two are used to going with Brian when he visits neighbors or runs an errand in town or at church. But today we had to explain to them that Daddy was going to WORK at church.....

I think it was the hardest for Christopher. He fussed a lot more than usual... they all are Daddy's kids... they just LOVE their Daddy.

And of course hearing his kiddies breakdown as he left made him question his move again.

But this is CRUNCH time!! I really think my husband can finish, he's soo smart and has mentally put the dissertation together in his thoughts over and over. He's worked through the issues he needs to address and he's a GREAT writer... very careful about his word choices and meticulous about his grammer and punctuation (it about drives him crazy to read my blog... ahhahaa)!!

Our prayer is

Lord, please encourage Brian's heart in finishing this challenging program! Guide his thoughts and fingers in writing on these complex and thought-proking issues. Give him wisdom so his writing has clarity and accurately describes and analyzes his topics. Help the kids and I to give him the quiet time he needs and give him peace that this time away from us is profitable and "worth it". Finally give him the speed needed to complete this task !!!

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Drea said...

i think its good brians doing that... now u got an office 2 urself, WOO!!! blog privacy! kidding.
Poor christopher looks so sad....

I think though it will help him be more uh.. whats the word "resourceful" w/ his time.

That 30 feet makes a difference... Travis cant accomplish a thing at home!