Monday, December 31, 2007

Brian and I headed off to the movies late on Sunday night. Brian had seen a preview of a movie and wanted to check it out. Near Grandma and Granddaddy there is a movie theather that is really CHEAP, so it's a treat to get out and see a new release. Especially since Brian really enjoys movies and LOVES going to the movie theather.....which don't ever do at home.

The movie he wanted to check out was I Am Legend starring Will Smith. We havn't seen every Will Smith movie, but the handful we have seen we've enjoyed:) I didn't know anything about the movie, in fact, I hadn't heard of it or seen previews....I must not watch enough TV :)

We went and after just a little while I knew it wasn't for me. I endured a little over half the movie and then I had to get OUT of THERE. I'm sure some will read this having seen the movie and think I'm a wimp. But there is only soo much violence, suspence and gore that I can handle or even should handle.....

One mistake we made was to trust the rating system. This movie was only PG-13!!! PG-13 for people turning into vampire-like beings, suspenseful scenes where you just waiting for some creature to attack the main character...not for me....but probably shouldn't be for a 13 year-old either!!

One way we could have avoided this waste of our "evening out" was to check a great resource frm Focus on the Family. They review movies using all sorts of categories and give you warnings and suggestions about watching. Brian did check this but looked only at the a couple of categories....he didn't want to spoil the movie but learning all of the twists in the plot. But this would have been a great one to have read completely through!!! Maybe next time I'll read through doesn't bother me to have some of the plot revealed....sometimes it actually helps me get the details of the movie better:)

Children's Song: "Oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh, be careful little eyes what you see; For the Father up above is looking down in love. So be careful little eyes what you see."

Sunday, December 30, 2007

That Couple Doesn't Shake Hands

Well as you know we've been battling the stomach virus. On Saturday Daddy was hit with exhaustion and stomach pains (nothing else...thank goodness). So on Sunday morning the decision about church attendance came up. To go or not to go.....

I have a few thoughts:
1. It is sooo easy to get out of the routine of attending church.....for some it's the only day off. For pastor wives, it's our husbands' busiest day, so things around the house can get a little nutty (especially getting three little ones in decent, clean clothes and out the door during morning naptime). So even on a trip, I think it's soo important for our family to attend church.

2. Maybe tied to the #1 reason. But I want my children to understand that because we want to grow in the Lord and have fellowship with other believers, we make it a priority to attend services and functions.

3. There are a few exceptions :) And one is sickness, it's just not possible to attend if the children are sick. And I think it's not good to attend if they are contagious- why infect other sweet people!!

OK. Besides Daddy sleeping through the day on Saturday, no one had shown any signs of being sick. So we made a decision to attend church this morning. But we were determined to keep some distance from people and watch the kids like hawks about spreading germs. ( Amazing enough the other children did not attend the church this morning, so we didn't even get close to other kids.)

We travelled to a little church where Granddaddy was to preach. It's a very small church, but very sweet and welcoming!! The main way to keep our distance was to not shake hands. Boy, oh boy!!! I never realized how uncomfortable and awkward it would be........

The worst part was during the service where members and visitors greet eachother with a handshake. We were the only "visitors" and so many people came up to us with an open hand:) We immediately told them that we couldn't shake their hands because we had been sick and didn't want to pass any germs. Some immediately stepped back, some thanked us and welcomed us with their arms crossed and others just didn't know what to do.

The funniest thing was that the last person to approach us was a very sweet and quiet older lady. she reached out her hand to kindly welcome us and we told her that we'd been sick and didn't want to pass any germs. She just kind of looked at us and said something of a greeting. Since the greeting time had ended she got back to her seat. I looked over to where she was seated and she leaned forward to a younger lady infront of her and said,"That couple doesn't shake hands." The lady she asked was in our Sunday school class and had heard that we had been sick and was able to explain it quickly to her.

Although I wished I could have greeted this sweet church body as they were accustomed....we are thankful that none should get sick. But it was very interesting to see people's reactions!! Maybe rubbing elbows might have been more appropriate :)

"...not forsaking our own gathering together, as it is the habit of some but encouarging one another and all the more as you see the day drawing near." Hebrews 10:25

Friday, December 28, 2007

Strikes again??? The Battle with the Virus and Allergies

Well we've had a pretty uneventful day with the stomach virus....thank goodness. Lydia has spit-up some and those of us who were feeling sick still aren't eating much. The one to watch now is Daddy...he's been walking around complaining of a stomach knot/ache and I think he brought the "bucket" to bed :( So I'm thankful for the quiet day and really hoping for a quiet NIGHT!!!

What we have had problems with today have been allergic reactions. The kids have allergic rash reactions to foods....but we're not sure where these reactions are coming from. There are always going to be accidental exposures, but it always seems that when we're away from home...out-to-eat, visiting family, happens more frequently...even when we're careful. In many ways it demonstrates how much we've had to change at our home so that it is safe for the kids...EVERYWHERE in the home!

Christopher's Allergy Breakout

This is what Christopher's face looked like this morning when he woke up. He got a hold of some milk before bedtime, but we're sure we really cleaned him up, so his reaction should have only lasted a few minutes (not all night). After some more thought we decided to rewash his sheets just incase it was the detergent and I gave him some Benadryl, just to get the swelling down.

All problems. Then in the bath, Christopher broke out again...all over his stomach. The wash is what I usually use??? Who knows??

And then Anna went to bed with a rash all over her mouth? Maybe someone kissed her goodnight and had a milk product on their lips???

Allergies always seem to be a mystery to us. Like Brian, he was having really bad allgeric reactions.....runny nose, head cold, miserable. After being tested for every environmental allergy he decided to not eat milk products. NO joke, 2 or 3 days later he was off allergy medication and went for weeks without a reaction. Then he started experimenting and eating one milk reaction, but then the next trial with milk he had to go back to the Benadryl. So he wasn't sure what to think so he got his blood tested for milk and peanut came back today NEGATIVE!!!! So what can he be reacting to. OR is it a quanity he has to have a certian quanity of milk products???

Always a mystery....but I am soo thankful that our reactions have been minor. And that we only allergic to foods that can be easily eliminated :)

Treasures at Goodwill

Brian and I "snuck" out this afternoon to run some errands at the local Walmart near Grandma and Granddaddy's. What fun to shop without kiddies!!! Please hear me out....I lOVE my kids....I take them everywhere and it's hard for me to leave them. But it's soo nice to get breaks and much needed time with Daddy :)

So we hit all the sales at Walmart..he hehee! And then on our way home we decided to try the local Goodwill. I really wanted to get some bikes for the kids. Grandma and Granddaddy live in a great subdivision with beautiful sidewalks and it was warm today! The perfect day for bike riding.

When we got there we saw some bikes parked out front and a sign above them that said "Bike 50% off today"!!! I looked quickly at the selection and found the "perfect deal" for us. It was a cute little pink bike with training wheels and a baby doll seat (perfect for my baby-loving daughter). We then ventured inside, me dragging the little pink bike, and found an old Rock-n-Roll trike (I wanted to get one for Lydia for Christmas or her b-day)!! Anyway, we walked up to the check-out and I saw a cute purse with the Target tags still on it...I have been wanting a non-diaper bag purse for sometime:) (I'm not a designer purse lady...I just like what I like and if I find it at a good deal, I'm there.) So in a matter of 2-3 minutes at the Goodwill we found the items on our wish list!!!

I have NEVER been so excited to get home and see my kids faces!! I knew they would be soo excited. We pulled the bikes out as soon as we got to the house and I ran inside!! I pulled out a bike helmet (that I also found at Goodwill) and told Anna that she needed it inorder to play with the surprise we got her....she found her shoes and ran outside:)

So, let's see:
Pink Bike $3.50
Trike $3.99
Helmet $3.19

An afternoon outside riding bikes and taking pictures : PRICELESS

Jumping on the bed

Anna and her Uncle Scott were playing on Grnadma's bed...Anna was jumping and getting thrown (Which she loves to always worries me, and Grandma). Anyway, Grandma walked in and found them playing.

Grandma said," I don't think we can play this game." (Or something like that.)

Anna looked at Uncle Scott and said," Uncle Scott, let's go into your room and jump on your bed so that Grandma can't see us."

WHERE does my child get this????

It's a little funny. But I'm going to have to watch and listen to this child. She is already showing a heart that doesn't want to obey authority, even when they want to protect her!!!

HMM...not quite over :(

Well we decided to make the journey to Grandma and Granddaddy's house even though we weren't sure who was over the bug and who wasn't. I woke up sick to my stomach....the worst feeling. You know when you feel like vomitting but it just doesn't come. My poor children feeling this way for days now.....

Anyway, it a last minute grab as we packing into the van...I grabbed a bucket incase someone got sick!! We are all so thankful....I would have had my head out the window, like a dog :) The trip was miserable. Lydia also got sick again....for the last few days the only thing she has consitently kept down is breastmilk (thank goodness for breastfeeding).

I ached all over so when we got to Grandma's I took some pain-med. and then napped through dinner. When I woke up I felt soo much better and even ate some dinner!!! And this morning I feel even better.....except being tired, Lydia didn't want to sleep in her pack-n-play. At home she would have cried it out some....but on trips we susally have a couple of share a room, so it's just easier to figure out where she wants to sleep and go with it:) I know she's SPOILED.

Christopher woke with a reaction to something....his face was swollen and blotchy....he got into some milk last night but we thought we had cleaned him up!! So we are washing his bedding, maybe it's the detergent used to washed the blankets. I took a picture but I'll have to post it later:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Maybe the worst is over....

Well we had a wonderful Christmas (and we'll be continuing to celebrate through the week as we see more family...yay)!! But we had quite the adventure.

Really it all started Saturday night when we woke in the middle of the night with a sick child. Brian had heard him and tended to him...I woke later and helped. But by morning we had already started our third load of laundry!!!Needless to say the whole family didn't attend church together on Sunday morning :( By the afternoon Christopher was fine and acting normal..minus not eating a whole lot. SO we attended a friend's church to watch a children's drama (which the kids lOVED...I'm still amazed they were as quiet as they were....Christopher was probably calmer just b/c of being sick).

Sunday night was uneventful so we went ahead with plans to visit with neighbors for a Christmas lunch!! Neither of the older kids ate that should have been my clue. They played fine and then we went home for naps. Anna didn't sleep and came out of her room to tell us she didn't feel good.....ummm, not only did she tell us but totally got sick...everywhere....I'll spare the details...lets just say...more loads of LAUNDRY!! And some carpet cleaner.

So needless to say, we did not attend the Christmas Eve Family Service as a family :( But the kids and I relaxed and finished preparations for our family coming on Christmas morning. Then at bedtime Lydia started getting sick. So my two girls were sick together :(

On Christmas Morning, Anna woke and came to our bed (she had slept on our floor so we could tend to her and not wake Lydia...although Lydia was awake alot more thoughout the night than Anna was). We wished her a "Merry Christmas morning." And she responded, "Do we get to open some presents today?"

A note of thankfulness was that on Christmas morning, Christopher and Anna were feeling much better and really did well with having family visiting and the excitement of Christmas. We relaxed and made a late breakfast....we didn't even start opening gifts until 11:30am!!!!

Besides a couple more sickness epidsodes and cleanup jobs, we got through our Christmas Day....oh yes and three more loads of laundry....thank goodness my momma came and was gracious and very sweet to help with all the laundry and cooking!!! Christmas night we collapsed on the couch and FINALLY watched our Nativity Story video....I love this movie and the way they "fill in" the tiny details of the Biblical account of Christ's birth.

My Dad and brother had planned to hunt early in the morning. I heard them wake and start to get ready and then I heard the rain start outside. It rained ALL morning.....they were very disappointed but the rain was an answer to many prayers....we need it soo much!!

As it turned out they were needed this morning for another task :) One of the pipes under my kitchen sink decided to bust a hole this morning...right before washing our breakfast dishes. So the boys headed to the nearest town to fix the sink pipe!!! And Mom and I set to work cleaning up the kids (yay for wipes) and washing dishes (in the bathtub)!!!

Hopefully the worst of our stomach virus is OVER....I'm really considering not frequenting the indoor playgrounds at fast-food restaurants anymore this winter season....last year we got 2 or3 of these stomach's a lot of work, laundry and hard on my kids' little bodies (after 3 days they finally ate a little bit for dinner....nothing compared to what they normally put down!!). I'll just let them run of some energy on the warm days or bundle them in 10 layers and let them loose outside :) I'm thinking a runny nose for a couple of days is EASY compared to that horrible stomach hope is that Brian and I don't get it....I think it's worse on adults...especially when they have to care for 3 well little ones while they feel "yuck".

I really want to share some pictures but I'll have the little montage finished after we visit with our Grandma and Granddaddy!! Then we'll have the complete Family Christmas Adventure 2007!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Year in Review : Zoo trips :)

One of our highlights this year have been the 5+ trips to the Virginia Zoo. We received member passes as an Easter gift....and we got our money's worth, even though we live 2 hours away!!

Here's a quick view of one of our funniest memory's

The kids really love the animals. During our first visits Christopher only knew the word "giraffe" but now he's identifying most of the animals:) It's been fun to see change in this way....elephants, zebras, etc.
You can always visit our zoo, too. Just go to their website and view the Zoo Cam.
So, the zoo passes were a FUN gift!!! And a trip to the zoo is always fun!!! We can't wait for the spring, or a WARM winter day!! For now we'll settle for an Internet visit on the Zoo Cam.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our little curious One

She can be so curious..I know it's the age and that it will last awhile and cause many messes :) But right now I can enjoy the sweet curious stage. She is staring into the camera...probably wondering what the red light is for :)

Lydia looking into the camera

And she took a couple more steps....she just gets so excited. And she's still learning to balance! The funniest thing is that she doesn't want help....I remember the other two holding my fingers and wanting to practice walking. Lydia is determined to do it alone.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caffeine Anyone?

We were out and about again last night...phew....too many nights!!! But anyway, we ended up at a faast food restaurant with a HUGE playground to let the kids run off so the energy they had while we were trying to shop :)

We are SUPER we are frugal. We prefer to spend our money on the things that we really want or need, rather than extras at restaurants, etc!! So we ALWAYS drink water(home and out)...mostly because we don't want to pay for soda and for the health benefits of water!!

Once we all were seated with our meal and a quick blessing our friend told us that she got her bottled water from the car b/c she didn't want to pay the for a cup of water. We questioned her and realized that we HAD paid for the water...the SAME price as a soda. We figured it was a hassel to try to get a we did the next best thing.....we drank SODA!! Actually I drank sweet tea!

And I'm not saying we drank a cup of soda...we figured we might as well drink our money's worth! I'm not sure how much my husband drank but I drank 4 glasses of tea!! We do occasionally have tea...especially with company for a meal...but I will usually have only one cup.

After the meal we went to get some groceries and some stocking stuffers and then we headed home. It was late for the kids, so we quickly got them to bed. And then I started unpacking the bags, tidying the husband asked if we could sit and rest....but I had stuff that needed to be done that night... ha ahaha!! I was soo wired with caffeine I was almost shaking!! I wrapped all the little items I had purchased and finished all sorts of tasks. We headed off to bed, later than usual and then I was up reading until at least 1am!!!

I've always thought caffeine didn't mess with me too much....boy was I WRONG. It doesn't mess with me becasue I don't drink it!!! :) I drank extra water today, just to get all the sweet out of my system...ha ahhaa...I was thirsty ALL day!!

Ohh...I posted a pic of Anna with her doll from the other day. It's a cute one!!

Sharing the Computer!!

For those who know me and my children, know that my little Anna is on the computer almost as much as her Momma...ah ah aha. No really, this child can navigate around her little kiddie websites and has now learned to pull up her favorite websites using the favorites list. (She's got a VERY good memory...if she sees me do something, she'll remember and copy it. You should get her driving directions....we'll drive by a turn in the road and she'll know where that road would lead us.) It's pretty common for her to be checking out Andrea's site or the Virgina Zoo to check-out the animals on their web-cams!!

I think it's great for her to be able to explore and learn on her kid sites....very educational! But I really have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't get into anything that would be offensive or obscene.

We've been discussing her getting her own computer....although I'm thinking she's still too young, 3-yrs old!! One reason is when I have a little "free-time" I can get online and get my stuff done instead of being up late at night:) And partially b/c she's been changing the fonts on one day all my internet fonts are gigantic!!! We about fell out of our seats when we saw what she had worked on today. Here it is......

new computer desktop screen

Yes, she had taken a picture off on the Clifford website and had pasted onto my desktop!!!! CLIFFORD!!... no more sweet family picture!!

Fall leaves

Do you remember you parents raking up a huge pile of leaves and then wanting to jump in it...or jumping in it!! I do...I'm not sure how many times my parents let us do it, but I remember jumping in leaves hoping there wasn't any poison ivy.....

Last week during our unseasonably warm days, I went out and raked and then let the kids jump in the piles....I was thinking, "Surely they can't spread the pile out too much." Boy was I wrong, I basically had to re-rake where I had just raked :) But it was soo much fun watching them have fun!

Happy 1st day of winter!!!

"There is a season for everything. And there is a time for every event [even leave pile jumping] under heaven." Eccl 3:1

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dealing with Mild Disappointments

I'm a planning Mom...especially when shopping!! I LOVE to have stuff planned out so that my day is easier.......I might be a little nuts with all of my lists floating around the house....but they contain really important information!! Like right now...I've got my meals "planned" for the next week, my Christmas wish gift list for our family so I know what I have and still need to purchase and I have my chores and to do list for each day. OK, I'm nuts:) But really thinking about it and then writing it down helps me to remember my ingenius thoughts :) And it lets me STOP trying to remember them.....because all I have to do is look at the list. BTW I'm also one of those people that LOVES new notebooks/journals and pencils/pen.

So imagine this list-oriented and planned-out Mom with all three kids and sweet, understanding husband trying to complete Christmas shopping 5 days before Christmas..... aha hahaa!! As it usually happens, I can't find something and my whole game plan is confused and I'm left in the daze...he hehheee!! I'm smiling now but it was disappointing.....why??

Well the gift I couldn't find was for my sweet Anna. I just kept imagining her waking up Christmas Morning and seeing this "perfect" gift and just immediately starting to play with it. We've actually had "perfect" gifts every Christmas since she's been 18 fact most of the toys she still plays with almost everyday.....

The last thing I wanted though was a stinky attitude. So on the way home I tried desperately to have a better mindset and a better attitude!! Remember I want a CHrist-focused Christmas..... not a "perfect toy for Anna- focused" Christmas!! This is crazy, but do you know what helped....I keep up with a blog called Holy Experience and Ann V. has been doing a list of the things she is thankful for. So I got off the midset of what I didn't have.....and remembered all things the Lord has blessed me, my family, my friends, our church and my precious children with!!! We truly are blessed!! And I have a TON to be thankful for!

Ok, to make this funny!!! I bought batteries last night for some toys old and new that were lacking. One of these toys is the Zapf Annabelle doll. I have the older version that doesn't the time we got it I was already changing two real babies' diapers, I didn't really need another bottom to change :) Anyway, she's been out of batteries for months (I actually don't rememebr the last time I heard her!) So I stick in the batteries this morning.....and it honestly could have been a new babydoll for Anna. She knew it was hers but she's been playing with her again, just like it's new! SO maybe one year for CHristmas we should just put new batteries in all of their toys:)

Anna with Annabelle
Here she is playing with the "new" doll...aka the doll that recieved new batteries. It really is a GREAT doll, she's had it for at least 2 years now:)

Back to my hunt for Anna's toy.....I have her uncle and a set of grandparents hunting for it (they said they'd be at the mall and stores today anyway). And if we find it, we find it! There are tons of things that she would like! :) Oh, and next year when I come up with my list for gifts...I really considering just ordering them stores, not extra lists, no kids running around at my feet when trying to think and no silly mental distractions from a joyful celebration of our Lord's birth.

"Give thanks with a grateful heart, because He's given Jesus Christ His Son".

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa : to Visit or Not to Visit...That is the Question

Since I've been married, or maybe even engaged, I been in the Santa or no Santa debate. Both my husband and I had Santa growing up....

But once my mother became a Christ-follower our family's view of Santa, the Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy all changed. Her view was (I think) that why would she teach her kids these make-believe things when there was soo much true meaning behind these celebrations - Christmas and Easter.

And thinking about being a parent and now being a parent, I can't agree more. I wish my kids knew more Bible verses and songs by heart....oh, goodness (honest moment) I wish I had more verses hidden in my own heart!!! Why would I use "precious teaching moments" on things that were make-believe. They get plenty of make-believe with their cartoons and books...their imaginations are already hard at work:)

All that said, Anna and I were wrapping up gifts this morning. She was helping my by picking out the tag and a "matching" bow. (To those who will get one of these combinations, I left it to her and went with her color schemes...he he he.) Anyway, some of the tags/labels were from a cheap pack I picked up at Walmart so they contained Santa. And I used the moment to try to test her Santa knowledge.

"So, Anna, who is Santa?"

She responds, "He's some boy."

"Oh, really! What does he do?"

She says," He goes to peoples' houses. But he's not coming to mine because I don't like him."

H aha haa....she does get afraid of people dressed up or even someone she doesn't know approaching her quickly, so her response back to me really fits her personality:) But it shows that she's heard about Santa from other people and it doesn't bother her in the least that we don't do Santa:) Although I told her that she was a lucky little girl because at Christmas her family and special friends give her gifts.

"These words, which I command to you today, shall be on your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up." Deut 7:6,7

Happy Anniversary

Grandma and Granddaddy we just wanted to show you how much we love you and are thankful for you!!! Happy Anniversary!!

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord." Prov 18:22
We thank God for your loving example of a marriage dedicated to daily serving God and one another!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Boots

As friends and neighbors bless our kids with Christmas gifts we let them open them...our first couple of Christmas' as newly married we did not open ANY gifts until Christmas morning...but we love watching our kids open presents and so do the people who give the gifts. We desire forthem to see the kids' faces.

Well last Thursday we went out to eat with a sweet couple from our church....they are soo brave to take US..all 5 of us to eat!! But as we were pulling the kids out of the van we realized that Christopher was missing shoes, thank goodness he's still a little guy and can get away with it:)

Anyway, once inside the couple quickly pulled out the gifts they had for the Of all the times to forget a pair of shoes...we really lucked out. The kids LOVED them!! They immediatley wanted their boots on and they walked around in them and showed them to some other customers, the waitresses and the chef ;) They were just too cute.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I had to catch them for a pic....they've been getting plenty of wear in the house and to church on Sunday....ha hah aha. I NEVER thought MY kids would be wearing boots....ha ha haa!!

Sneaking a Snack

Well I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch....don't always do it (or want to do it) but it's always nice to walk into a clean kitchen especially when it is yours :) The older two were chasing eachother around the house and then sitting in time-out...then I realized 1, 2, where's #3 ?

And that's is when I found her....getting a little more to eat after lunch. it seems her Daddy and I had overlooked a dish:)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Can I also announce that this little "genius" has taken her first step!!!!! This morning she was trying to stand by herself and then this afternoon she did that one tiny baby step.

It's so amazing how they learn such simple things by themselves. I was trying to coax her into the first step by saying, "Just move your foot, just your little foot....." Then I quickly realized that she's given no indictaion that she even knows what a foot was:)

Psm 121:7 "He will not let your foot slip - He who watches over you will not slumber." What an great promise of His care over us...just like a mother watching over her own children's steps!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prayer of Babes

Anna's prayer over lunch:

"Dear God, thank you for our family. Thank you for Daddy, Mommy, Anna, Christopher and Lydia. Thank you for our food. Thank you for Pasta. Amen" She looks up and sees the green beans that she'll reluctantly eat for lunch and then put her head down again. "Oh, and thank you God for my beans. Amen."

Miracle of Christmas

So this is the busiest time of the year. As I continue to learn in this stage of life and motherhood (when everyday is busy), that life gets busy when we try to do too much. I am determined to have a relax holiday season with the Christ- focused house is simply decorated!! We have a few engagements a week!

But the busy starts with all the small and fun extras. I LOVE sending out Christmas cards. It's the ONE time of the year when we get to share our lives with friends and family that we don't often see or hear from.....kind of a yearly update!! I love giving gifts to my family so running from store to store finding that gift at a good price. I'm thinking of doing a little baking for local friends! I love going to gatherings and seeing people and meeting people....and it gets me out of the house!!

But then it hits me where is the focused heart? let us remember the miracle of the season.... Mary being choosen to Birth the Son of God!!

There Mary is doing her MAry thing...and an angel comes in. And says to her,"Hail favored one the Lord is with you.....Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God. And behold you will conceived in your womb, and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give HIm the throne of His father David; and He will reign over the house of Jaocb forever; and His kingdom will have no end." Luke 1:28-33

In our Sunday School class we discussed why MAry was choosen. Why? Maybe her heritage; her and her soon-to-be husband were from the family of David. Maybe because she was faithful. Maybe because she was willing. Maybe because Joesph was willing.

Would we have been willing, faithful, joyful in the challenges?

Let us be faithful in these days before our Savior's birthday to be faithful and willing to be Christ- focused....much more challenging said than done.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OK...Change of Plans

There are soo many cool resources for families with food allergies that it might be more beneficial to blog about US!!! I'm sure I wouldn't have enough really cool food allergy stuff to keep any kind of audience for now:) But I'll include it and share as a part of sharing our daily life and antics with those interested!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's a Go!!

So I've decided to join the many blogging Momma's!!!! I enjoying reading their everyday life posts but I really wanted to add something new to the mix....and I'm not as tech. savy as I once thought I was (my very, very smart Computer Science partner Stephanie will say "amen" to that one...poor girl, stuck with me).

So I decided during a frustrating dinner where the mix ingredients I planned on used displayed milk products....I decided to blog about what food allergy moms and family do daily...fix and eat meals that are "safe" (won't cause any reactions).

This is a journey for me as I learn the blogging lingo and tricks. Maybe learn how to do some fun stuff. Share some of our recipes and "fix-it" receipes. And hopefully, hopefully encourage someone else who is starting down this food allergy road.

I have been blessed in my journey with friends who have much more experience than I do or did. And with my mother-in-law recipes scout :) And our families have been amazing in trying to feed us during visits and try to understand our "at times" crazy food life...not to mention our busy little ones that make an home a little wild:)