Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PWs & PKs taking over TOWN


This morning Andrea and I took the kiddies to the local library for toddler reading time. I always expect more moms (and grandmoms) to take advantage of this awesome resource!! The children's specialist librarian Heather is just great with the kids and I'm always amazed at her knowledge of children's books. I can ask her about a certain topic and she'll run around and start pulling other books that go along with the topic of interest. And she talks to my children using their names!!

In fact, my little Anna that would cry when I mentioned "library reading time" was excited last night when I told her we were planning to go again:) She said to me, "I can't wait to see Miss Heather again and listen to her read."

Today was a little different because we met in the actual library and not in the side room (which has very few distractions)!! But it was good because about halfway through our time together another mom can in and her family joined us.

During the craft time the Moms chatted as we "helped" the kids with glue, scissors and glitter!! And imagine this...... this other mom is another young pastor wife mom that has recently moved into our area!!! What fun!!!

So we invited our new friends to an exciting lunch at Wendy's (we desperately would LOVE an indoor playground!!!). And I'll just have to add this to my list of blessings. This family has a little boy and two little girls!! Finally a little girl friend for Anna!!! And some more MOmma, PW fellowship!!


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Stacey said...

There must be a lot of churches where you live :) We have a lot too. In a community of approx 10000, we must have at least 20 churches.