Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daddy's Helper

Anna is always soo read to jump in the car and do errands with Brian. She loves to visit with him, just pick up stuff at the store or even play next to him while he photocopies our church bullentins:)

After lunch she heard Brian planning to leave and she immediately told him she was going to help him. She ran back to her room and dressed in warm clothes and was back out fully dressed and ready in just seconds:)

As he was collecting what he needed before he left, Anna stayed by his side!! (Maybe making sure I wouldn't change my mind about her needing a nap.... hehehe) He came back into the house and he looked soo flustered.... he was opening cupboards, pacing, checking pockets.... then he came into the wash room (as I'm doing laundry) and checks under some jackets that had collected under the hooks....

In frustration, he looks up at me and says gruffly,"I lost my keys. I just had them in here a second ago. Where could I have put them??" GRRRR

Then little Anna by his side pipes up," Daddy, Mr Jim needed to check something at the church and you just gave him your keys."

Daddy's frustrated look vanished and he smiled at Anna and said,"Thank you Anna for reminding me."

It's a good thing Daddy has his little helper this afternoon running errands with him.... even if she is trying to skip out on a nap and her reading lesson:)

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