Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Church Family

We moved into the church parsonage in August 2004 without knowing a soul in our area (except the pastor search committee) and a 2 month old baby!! Brian and I were new parents, new to the pastor/pastor wife role and new to the community.

I'll be completely honest that the first couple months were HARD!! Not because of anyone or anything that happened.... but here I was a new mom knowing no one! I was alone with my little baby all day! My highlights of the week were outings with my husband and church functions, when I could listen to great teaching (right honey) and have fellowship with others:)

I praise God that after 4 years now I've grown to love my town, my neighbors and especially my church family!! We have been blessed being apart of their community and lives. The have encouraged us and loved us, loved our kids and demonstrated Christ's love to us in soo many ways. I truely have never met such a generous and loving crowd:)

So tonight, while we're away from our church family and community during our Comunity Thanksgiving Service we just wanted to say how thankful we are to you guys and the time we've had to enjoy your fellowship, friendship and Christ-like example!!

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