Sunday, November 16, 2008

Would you dress your girl like this...... for church????

She's got on her sister's 6X long sleeve shirt, her yellow jacket, her brother's size 3T pants rolled at the top and bottom and her cute little white Mary Janes:)Dresses in the random articles I had tucked into the diaper bag!! ahahhaa

In my own defense (although I shouldn't be on the defensive) I took her to church in a really cute dress but she wet through it ALL. I'm not on the defensive because I think it's MUCH more important to take your kids (and yourself) to church regardless of what you all are wearing!!

While I do think there is a line of respect and modesty in all of our clothing choices, I do not think God is impressed with us by our choice of dress. Scripture clearly tells us that we should be worshiping "in Spirit and in Truth" . On Sundays or when gathering for a service, we should be seeking the Truth or preparing to worship in Spirit and Truth versus worried about our clothing:)

So, here are my two little church skateboarders (hahhaa)

Here is the whole kiddie crew.....

I love Sunday after church photos:) Especially on beautiful days:)

****I'm trying out some photo editting... such a newbie, don't have the eye for it:) So be gentle if you leave critiques:)


Aunt Bea said...

Beautiful pictures Kelly!, Lydia looks beautiful regardless... even with big clothes on, she looks so cute!

Drea said...

sooo funny, shes so cute! i think its funny.. annas all girly girly in that :-)

i agree btw.. and most sundays wear pants, dress the boys very casual. last night i had on jeans.. i was in nursery and a guest we've had for a while said "ill stay here.. im not stressed properly for church." she had on jeans / t-shirt.. I said "well look at me?" :-) and then told her abt the time I went to choir AND church in jeans and a hoodie with flip flops on.. and IM THE PASTORS WIFE.

I hope that made her feel more comfortable w/ jeans at church :-) cause I think far to many times clothing keeps people away.

Not sure if you know it but clothing was one of the things that made me leave the church at the wise old age of 12. I told my mom I wasnt going... I hated how snobby people looked and how I had nothing nice to wear. So I refused.. I didnt step back into a church til I was 15... then got saved and realized what really mattered :-)

Mark and Rachel said...

Love the photos! I love the one of Mr GQ with his foot on the wall! Ha! And of course the girls are always looking adorable.

grandma said...

Christopher and Lydia look like they are models for some of the modern clothing! And doing a good job! Anna is just pretty as can be.