Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm not sure if a lot of families go through Blah...Mondays!! But we DO!! It was wet and cooler outside and so we had an inside day. Today our inside day became Mommy working on some weeding out of outgrown clothes and the kids entertaining themselves for a little while.....AKA destroying the house by dragging out all the million-piece toys and distributing them all over the house :) So after I had done all the "un-noticed" cleaning and sorting, I looked around the house and it was say the least!! But the good thing was that they were playing pretty nicely with each other today which allowed me to get some work done :)

Tuesday's weather looks a little nicer...maybe we can get out a little more and run off some of the energy:) Especially since we've already tidied the house again :) And since I got my projects done I'll be able to play I want to do:)

One fun thing was that I was able to start another book with Anna. She's loved the new Charlotte's Web movie, so I thought we'd try to get through the Charlotte's Web novel by EB White...the original Charlotte's Web!! Amazing enough she did ok while we read it tonight, even though she would have rather read Curious George or a Clifford book (they don't offer new vocabulary for her little sponge mind). She lasted through almost 4 chapters on our first reading!!!! BTW...there are tons of FREE lesson plans and activities to do with Charlotte's Web online on homeschooling websites....I've thought about looking through some to see if we're at the stage to enjoy one of these activities :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My little new Climber

Lydia has become quite the climber.....we've been amazed at all she'll attempt to do as well. At the park the other day she climbed to the highest point and went down the tallest slide on her tummy :) I've been thinking of a funny slogan shirt for Lydia (kind of like Christopher's shirt) should say "If my Big Brother can do it, so can I"...

Here's a little video of her new feat in the backyard:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Biscuit Lingo and Recipe

It's Saturday morning!!! So we take our time on Saturday mornings (when we can). This morning the kids and I decided to make biscuits so we could work on the ham that we baked on Thursday!! The kids LOVE "helping" when we bake biscuits. Anna knows the main ingredients and reminds me about all the utensils and bowls we need to cook.....a big glass bowl, a fork, a spatula, flour, oil, soymilk, and the "cutter". The cutter is a lid to the Pam spray can... our Grandma's secret to perfect biscuits ;)

The real fun in "making biscuits" comes when it's time to cut the biscuits. The kids like patting the dough flat, they also like making the circles in the dough with the lid. But the BEST part is when there are extra dough scraps all over the work Anna calls that "skin". The kids scramble to see how much "biscuit skin" they can gobble up before I try get a few more biscuits cut saying,"Don't eat all the skin!!!"

Anna's Biscuits (from Grandma)
2 cups of self-rising flour (or all-purpose mixed with 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt)
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup oil
3/4 cup milk (soymilk or apple juice)
Mix dry ingredients. Stir wet ingredients together and then pour into flour mixture. Knead well, roll and pat. Cut biscuits (we use the lid to a vegetable spray can).
Cook at 350 for 10-15 minutes (when Brian makes them he cooks them at a higher temperature....just watch them so they don't dry out).

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Car Washing Morning

The morning was a little chilly but we were outside before 10am PLAYING. After I got Lydia down for her nap, I was soo excited that I could wash our van.....I know, it's a little crazy. But with very little ones washing the van is one of those impossible tasks. But with Lydia napping and Christopher and Anna getting so independent, I tried it!!!

Here's what they decided to do while I was washing :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Girls!!!

Funny Guy

Evidence of a Good Morning at the Park

Check out the pretzel still in his hand :) He is really sleeping hard. The cool thing was that I changed his diaper, wiped off his hands and face and put him in his bed. He was back asleep before I even walked out of his room. A VERY Good Morning at the park!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Night "Trick"

Being a pastor's family with three young children Wednesday nights are a rush, to say the least!! We're rushing through dinner preparations, rushing through dinner, running around the house getting little ones dressed. We've been saying for months we need to do something different. We've tried eating dinner earlier but we're still left with a pile of dishes or the kitchen not put back together.

We've got a good set-up with Brian working in the home office during the day! So today I had planned to fix a pretty normal dinner meal (but big for Wed. night). To ease the rush of the evening I decided to fix our main dinner for lunch....... we sat down and peacefully(as peaceful as a young family of five can) enjoyed our main meal!! And then for supper we ate more of our typical much meal, sandwiches, fruit, chips, and warmed over leftover veggies!! It worked!! Maybe this can become a regular switch for us!!

I wanted to share our recipe for lunch. It was soo very easy and one of our favorites before kids....and surprising to us the kids really liked it too!! YAY!!

Marinated Boneless Pork sirloin Chops
Marinated Boneless Pork sirloin Chops in Worcestershire sauce while I prepared the onions. Then I sauteed in the onions in soy sauce in a skillet. I took the onions out after a minute or two and then cooked the pork chops with soy sauce and a 1/4 cup of water (so they didn't dry out or get stuck to the pan) to 170 degrees (I love my meat thermometer). Then I threw the onion back in to make sure they were warmed. We like to eat ours with mashed potatos. The sirloin chops can be expensive, so you have to look for them on manger discounts or sales:) But they're tender and worth it!!

The Good News of Easter Continues

This afternoon we had a couple from our church come over to discuss an upcoming project with Brian. The kids were running around and entertaining our guests as usual.

Then Anna comes and whispers in my ear, " Mommy, we need to tell them about our Bible story. We need to tell them about Jesus dying on the cross for us." I was waiting for a break in the planning that was taking place, but not Anna. She climbed on the couch next to our visitor and said, "We've been reading in our Bible about how Jesus died in the cross." Miss D quickly responded that Jesus didn't stay dead but rose again. Anna beamed knowing that Miss D knew the story, too!!

Ahhhh, the faith and boldness of a child!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Fruit Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree.... he heehee

I just got off the phone with my mother.... ohh, sad! She's heading "home" today!!! We always enjoy her visits and the kids adore their Grammie!! It's hard at times to have her soo far from us, but then we think of the couple weeks at Christmas and the few months of the summer when she's only 2 hours away!! And she can keep up with us better now with the blog:)

I'm so thankful that I've had such a great relationship with my mother. We've always been pretty close.... although now that I have my own kids, I really appreciate her as a mother!! She's always been a hoot to hang out friends in high school liked to hang out with her, too!! She's been on countless school field trips (telling embarrassing stories about us as kids), youth trips, concerts (even one at a bar to watch the SuperTones)!!!

I remember in high school and college being able to share questions and concerns with her (and knowing stuff was wrong when I didn't want to share it with her). But now as a young mom and adult, she, my husband, and my mother-in-law are my most trusted sounding boards. Although if I'm honest I'll say that I do ask friends about situations to see what their thoughts are (love you guys)!!! To have a godly mother who is so approachable and sincerely desires godly wisdom herself and for her children, I am blessed!!

The title of the blog is one of my mother's favorite quotes, at least her favorite quote to me :) As I go through my days now as a mom, I'm constantly doing stuff (showing bugs and flowers to my kids) that reminds me of my mom!! I know, SCARY!!

But I hope that I will have the same relationship (or better) with my daughters and son that I have had and continue to have with my mom!!! I pray that I would have high standards for them but be very approachable so that they would have someone to talk through decisions. And that I would be a godly role model both in my spiritual journey, in my marriage and family and in public endeavors. Like my mother, I also want to be my children's strongest ally(and advocate) and most encouraging friend.

Mom, we're praying for a safe journey for you!!!! And we look forward to seeing you when it warms up this summer :) Thanks for the "help" with the decision about the trip this summer, I feel like I've made the right decision for my family already!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another cute picture I had to SHARE!

One more cute pic from today

Our Easter

Happy Easter!!!

These cute little outfits were made for the kids by Grammie. It was soo cute to have them all matching!!! Thanks Grammie!!

Hunting some eggs!!!

This is where Lydia was during the Egg Hunt!! She was soo exhausted from the normal Sunday morning activities that she didn't even make it through lunch :) She slept over an hour in her highchair.... that's the life. Eat and sleep in one place.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resurrection Story

Last year I'm not sure how much I shared of the Resurrection Story - the REAL Easter celebration with Anna. But this year I decided to just go ahead and share it all. I'm not sure what she really understands about death..... except that it happens and that people we know and bugs we've seen have died. Part of their even basic concepts of dying that they know right now has to be from the fact that Brian is a pastor and has been with families during the deaths of loved ones and has done funerals. We've even taken them to the funeral home for visitation on occasion (especially when the families are close friends to us and the church).

So around the breakfast table this week I've been sharing from their kiddie Bibles the Easter Story. I haven't really liked how the kiddie Bibles kind of skip over the fact that Jesus really, truely DIED, but I could tell the kids had questions with just using the term "was crucified" or "put on a cross". And try to explain why they put Him in a tomb if he hadn't died???

As I continued with the story the kids and I were kind of sad that the disciples and the women missed Jesus and were so sad that He wasn't with them (becasue He had died). It was soo sweet to tell them the GREAT NEWS that when the women were at the tomb the angel told them that Jesus had RISEN!! Then I had to explain that Jesus was alive again after He had died.....I almost lost them there :) But when we got to the fact that Jesus saw the women and His disciples again, the kids showed that they at least understood that Jesus was ALIVE and that the disciples had their friend and teacher with them again (for a little while).

I know I recieved the greatest blessing from sharing the story that is soo foundational to our faith with the kids. My heart was so relieved and excited when I told them that the stone was rolled away on Resurrection Morning and the words of the angel, "He is not here, He has risen, like He told you He would do." I'm sure they've already forgotten some of the story.... but if they remember that God sent His Son Jesus, who died and rose again for them..... then I think they are blessed indeed!!!

Church Easter Egg "Party"

A couple of weeks ago, Addie called to see if we could join up forces to put an Easter egg hunt on for our children's classes at church. Since we are both from smaller churches in the same town we thought it would be fun to have to hunt with more kids than just our kids separately on Sunday morning....... so we planned our joint Easter Egg Hunt/Party!!!!

And what a blessing to plan and work to get something together and then have a crowd of people there to enjoy it!!! We had 19 kids, but 3 were under a year old (and two expecting mommies). And we had 18 adults!!! So that is 37 that's pretty good since we were originally expecting 20 but planning for 25 :)

So great idea and job, Addie!!! And thanks also to the ladies that jumped right in to help with laying out food and drinks.....and cleaning up!!! You all are such a sweet blessing to me!! And all the people who provided us food, drinks, eggs and candy!!!

We did try to take some pictures of our festivities......we had a craft, egg hunt, resurrection story with numbered eggs and a snack time!!! Anyway, while "hosting" a gathering and keeping up with our three little ones our pictures aren't the greatest....but we did get some!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Other Microwave Treasures

Yes, today another child was hiding items in the microwave!!! Can you tell whose shoes they are???

Yes, can you imagine Daddy trying to get out the door quick? I bet after these last few days, he'll be looking in the microwave.... FIRST!!!

BTW....Daddy is starting to feel better....thank goodness!!! Anyway, after eating only Raisin Bran and a piece of Banana bread for TWO days, when the kids went to bed this evening, Daddy asked if we had any hotdogs leftover from dinner last night! It's a good sign that Daddy is feeling better!!!

I really have to thank Grandma. She forgot her camera during her last visit and decided she wanted us to hold it for her until we got together these last few shots and video have been from her camera is on the blink, the lense is stuck out!!! So if mine is unfixable....does anyone have any suggestions for a novice who enjoys taking tons of pictures???

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cheesy Grin is here to stay!!!

Well before I get to the fun stuff I'd better mention that our Daddy is sick now. He's got the 101.something fever that Christopher had last week and that the girls had a the beginning of the week. So let's hope he gets over "whatever it is that we have" soon!!!! Especially since this weekend is a little busier than normal.....yay for Easter!!

My little Lydia took her first minor scrapped up fall this afternoon out on our driveway (amazing enough b/c she is constantly wrestling with Anna and Christopher or getting pushed around by them). I'm not sure why she fell head first when walking, but she did and had she been able to avoid it she would have tried...I'm sure!! Anyway, she's a tough little cookie and stopped crying pretty quickly once we held her. Her little nose is scrapped up some and the middle of her top lip was swollen (but I think that has gone down now).

So this evening I wanted to display her battle wounds but I kept getting the Cheesy Grin. So I recorded how normal she looks and then how cheesy she can get!! She's a hoot!! Erica did a similiar "This is how hard we try to get a picture" video on her blog a couple of days this is our version :)

Just a side note..... last year our Easter pictures included Christopher's massive goose-egg bump inbetween the eyes. Man, it's still soo hard to look at..... I am still so amazed he didn't mess anything else up...maybe he'll have sinus trouble as an adult (I hope not...but I'll have a pic that might explain why).
And so this year we will have Lydia's wound to show off for any Easter pics:)

Wednesday's trip to the Zoo

Well we had ONE more day to get to the zoo before our passes expired!! We're not going to renew them this year for a break, time to explore the rest of Grammie's town and give the zoo time to complete their construction !!! But it's been a very fun year.....I just found a whole family picture of us during our first visit and then the one we were able to get from Wednesday!!

It's been a fun year!!! We've seen Christopher learn sooo many animals' names. We've seen Anna recall animals, their names and our trips. Christopher asked this afternoon if we could go to the zoo!!! They just love it. And I loved that during this trip Lydia started to show a lot more interest in watching some ofthe animals!!!

And one of the best things about our zoo trips is that we've been able to meet up or take friends with us as well as visiting with our family in that area. We will miss our passes...but maybe next year :)

Here are some of our favorite pics from our trip on Wednesday with Grammie, Uncle Eric and Eric's friend Craig!!!!

Momma Detective

I was bathing Christopher and Lydia last night after our trip to Grammies and the zoo.... for some reason the bath really was therapeutic...their grumpy (and tired) attitudes changed and we had a pretty calm dinner. I know bathing before dinner is a little strange...but they needed baths and Christopher needed a diaper change, so it was good timing this time.

WOW...I've digressed!! So I was washing Christopher's little toes and noticed that on his heels he had all sorts of blisters......hmmm??? And then I remembered that on Friday he had had a high fever during the afternoon and into the evening. Anyway, I did a quick check of the symptoms and details of Hand, foot, mouth Disease. And sure enough, I bet that is what we have going around in our house. A funny think is that when I asked him what hurt he had told me his "toes" and then later he told me his "mouth". Well with Hand, foot, mouth Disease those are the places that blisters appear.

Where in the world would we have picked up this? H ahahaa... really it just seems like we keep picking stuff up. Of course the kids are at the stage where everything is in their mouths. Anyway, he was sick on Friday and the disease can take 3 to 10 days after being around an infected this is my Momma Detective Theory.... Andrea and I took our kids to a new and smaller park last week. While we were there a group of "preschoolers" from a daycare came (at least 10 or so). The park didn't have a whole lot of different activities so the kids all played on a very tall slide. You know the ones where you HAVE to hold on to the sides while you climb so you don't fall. It was a little chilly and so I know I remember seeing runny noses :) The other theory is Daddy....he had a sore throat all week last week and that is another symptom....maybe it was just a coincidience. And with a 3 to 10 day incubation period we could have been exposed the week before that!!

Honestly, I'm just thankful it's not the flu or anything else rough. But Lydia is still a little fussy, if she doesn't get back to normal I might have her ears checked for an ear infection....maybe her last one didn't clear up completely.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where Night-nights hide

My Little Man is VERY attached to his blanket. He is my little Linus.... he really would carry his blanket everywhere, if I let him!! On mornings that I've HAD to wash the blanket he will breakdown in tears.....I mean distraught over the fact that he will be separated from his blanket. Unless he is exhausted, he MUST have his passed-down worn out receiving blanket known as Night-night.

This evening as we were laying him in bed, he asked us for his Night-night! So we started looking for the blanket all around the house. I made at least TWO journeys around our home wondering HOW I could not find this blanket....our house is not that big or messy:) After at least 20 minutes(maybe more) of really searching (closets, dressers,etc) Brian found the beloved the microwave!!!! Of course it's where ALL Night-nights hide!

Ohh, when we ask Anna what she's going to be when she grows up she now responds, "Doctor." I guess we have to start saving now for all that school!!!! Anyway, here she is checking out Christopher because she thought he looked sick. When she asked him what hurt, he said "my nose." What a hoot!!!

Baby Snuggles

Lydia is growing up and learning so much each day!!! It's soo funny to see her doing the SAME things Christopher and Anna are doing, except a little slower and not quite as high :) Some times I miss those little baby snuggling times..... I know I'm a little crazy!! Anyway, today just as I was going to rest my youngest decided to wake and I just put her in bed with me and I got plenty of snuggle time!

Although she's getting so big, it was a good reminder that she's still so little:)

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Fancy Princess Giveaway at Simple

Well we have another cute giveaway going on at Simple. It's for all those who have a Princess at home.... we have TWO!!! Anyway, My Fancy Princess is giving away a Sugar Plum Fairy Dress, it's actually a musical outfit:) One of of the other moms reviewed the outfit with her daughter and it was a hit (check out her photos).

Check out Simple to get on the list :)


I did not set them up for this :) I just grabbed the camera when they started snuggling. And look at the big brother with his arm around her..... so sweet. And Lydia is smiling big for the camera, she almost looks like she's upset :)

More Sickness

Daddy dealt with a sore throat, aches and fatigue last week...... And on Friday Christopher was just off. My Mom (Grammie) was here and in the morning he was a little monster, at the park he was a zombie and then after his nap he was burning up with a 102 degree fever. We gave him some Tylenol and sent him to bed with a tiny amount of food he would eat. He woke up just as normal as ever on Saturday!!! On Sunday, their Sunday School teacher and I noticed that he was playing by himself a lot more than normal. He wasn't irritable but he wasn't his friendly self either.

Last night during dinner Lydia was very fussy!! Granted we were eating dinner at 8:20pm (church night) !! But when I got her out to put on PJs she was burning up, yep she had a temperature of 101.5. And it was about that time that Anna started fussing. I checked Anna temp. and it wasn't quite to 100. After giving Lydia some Tylenol she crashed her bed and fell fast asleep!!!! No peeps all night.

Anna's story was MUCh different. I stayed in her room with her for an hour getting her calmed down for bed.....reading her stories, rubbing her back..... She finally fell asleep about 10:30 or so (about normal). But then she came into our room at 3am complaining about her stomach. So we built her a little bed with blankets and a sleeping bag on the floor next to our bed and gave her a little medicine for pain (she was fussing so much about how much her stomach hurt). After much tossing and turning she FINALLY fell asleep.

She climbed into bed with me this morning a few minutes before 7. She didn't fell hot at all....yay! I asked her if she was feeling better and she said she was a little but her stomach still hurt. So we snuggled for a moment and she coughed and then threw up in my bed.....Good Morning, Mama !

Poor little dear hurting sooo much through the night knowing she might throw up! But maybe now she can start to feel better!!! Let's just hope no one else gets sick.

Happy St. Patty's Day

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ahhhh, Saturdays!! (at least the ones that you DO get to relax)

Question for Nature Lovers....

I found these little translucent spheres in my side garden just under a layer of mulch. I'm convinced it's gong to be some cool bug or caterpillar. Ok, nature lovers, what in the world could I have? (beside a pretty cool science lesson)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Preschooler Snack/Craft - YUmmmY

For Christmas the kids got a subscription to a magazine called High Five. I grew up reading Highlights and this High Five is the preschooler version of Highlights. They have a couple stories, "games", a craft and a snack/craft (something the kids can help make a eat). So far I've been able to edit the snack a little bit so that the kids could do it:) This morning we worked on March's issues snack...Chocolate Dipped Pretzels with Sprinkles!!! The kids can have some brands of semi-sweet chocolates!!

After we made them, Anna decided that she wasn't going to eat them..... although she LOVEs chocoaltes and pretzels :) So I figured besides my sweet toothes - Lydia and Christopher- I would be stuck eating most of them. Brian isn't crazy about most baked choclate treats because he finds some chocolate treats to be bitter. BUT he tried one when they had cool and hardened. He's been trying to keep his hand out of the pretzel bag all day :) Yay!!! He even made a funny comment about how fun to discover new milk-free, peanut-free foods.......

Lydia likes them :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun day, but no good pics!!

Grammie came to visit!!! Everyone was excited :) The kids did really well even though it's been over 2 months that they had seen her, although it took Lydia a little longer to warm up. They played in the house during the morning hours to let the weather warm up some and to give Lydia a nap. Then we went to the park for lunch and were able to fly kites. Here's a really distant pic of Grammie with the kite in the air and the kids around her.

I had to snap this one. It's Grammie and Anna on the hunt for toilet paper at the park!! I got Grammie coming out of the MENS bathroom... he hehee :)

We really need to get some new pictures of the kids with Grammie. We'll be seeing her again some more before we let her go "home". This evening before Grammie's car had even left the driveway, Anna said, "I miss Grammie." And I said, "Anna, she hasn't even left the driveway..." "But I really miss her and I want her to come back!"

But the kids are blessed because before they went to bed they talked to Grandma!! How many kids are lucky enough to have one grammie visit and then talk to their grandma????

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pieces of our day :)

Our morning started off so much easier than usual. I'm always trying to find the "right time" to sit the kids down for a Bible story/quick lesson, memory verse work and a little tiny bit of "school". I read on another blog about the mom of many young children having her Bible time at the breakfast table..... ingenious ..... they have to eat breakfast sometime, and I'm usually the one preparing it and watching them:) And I don't have to take them away from playing with their toys or from a show they are watching.

And since I was pretty quick with the story and verse this morning they transitioned into writing and identifying letters pretty easily. Here's a photo of Lydia "working on her writing skills"!!

Then we went out to enjoy the pretty day!! So as I was doing some gardening in the front, my little man decided to pick one of the flowers that I was soo excited about in the back. Brian actually caught him in action and so he brought the culprit and the evidence to me. Christopher held out the flower and recited the line Brian had told him to say on the way, "I love you!" And then he started playing and dropped the pretty flower on the ground. Only to later return with Anna and stomp it into the cement :) Why do I garden, again??? Ohh, when it's done there are beautiful flowers, a clean looking house (at least on the outside) and being outside!!

Christopher is going to get a MUCH needed haircut tonight.... so that will be very an adventure for us!!!

We also have our Grammie coming to see us tomorrow..... we're all very excited to see her. We haven't seen her since the beginning of January so she'll see Lydia running around everywhere for the first time!!! It's going to be beautiful again tomorrow an Anna had informed me that Grammie loves the BIG park and popsicles... he hehee... sounds like Anna is already planning our day with Grammie!!! (Hope she comes rested.)
Lydia is just getting into really playing with her siblings rather than just watching or playing along side of them. One example of this is how she playing Ring-Around-the-Roses with them:

As you can see it can get a little wild around our home. Whenever there is a parent or sibling on the floor it's a sign of an automatic wrestling match for Lydia and Christopher :) Poor Daddy, he's been dealing with some cold/illness symptoms so he wasn't feeling very well as the kids took him on!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New T-shirt

I've been waiting for the warmer weather to have Christopher sport a new shirt I found at Walmart!!! Anyway, as soon as I saw it I started giggling, thinking "This shirt describes what life is like with my son!!" It says, "My parents are exhausted!"

This morning as I was rushing around to get the kids and I out the door to meet up with Andrea, Anna brought me pieces of my breast pump! She said that Christopher was taking it apart. When I found him, he had scattered the pieces across his floor and was trying to "wear" the main piece on his nose. He looked like an elephant..... sorry no pictures..I was in a rush remember and I really don't want to loose one of my pieces:)

Anna and I - New Babywears!!!

Well I have had a Playtex Snuggly since Anna was born....really only used it with Anna a few times because she was a constant spitter (milk allergy). But with each baby we seem to get more and more use out of our Snuggly.

Then I met Andrea and she is converting me into wearing all sort of "cloth contraptions".... he hehee. Actually they seem to be MUCH easier to use and care for. More fashionable (sorry all the Snugglies I've seen are black or gray and very strappy). And Andrea has been able to make some herself as well.

This morning she got Anna and I "model" some Sling Wraps that had been sent to her to have showcased. I was a little worried that Anna won't try it on but after some talking into she did it and loved it. Lydia likes being held, so she likes the wraps because it makes her feel held and close. (In the pictures she looks sad... it's exhaustion she's sleeping in late and not getting her morning nap on days we go out in the morning...sorry baby!)

Here's a link to Andrea's post about our morning modeling. Andrea put more pictures on her Flicker account here. To get to our pictures you have to scroll down some :) Thanks ANDREA!!

Anna wore the sling some more after her nap this afternoon... of course they are not good quality but they show you how hooked on babywearing this child is :)

Computer time with Baby in sling!

Eating dinner with Baby in sling! And notice that she's enjoying the camera attention:)

Did anyone see this???

WOW!! And the parents seem so level-headed:) I wonder with TIME, parents' knowledge about learning and starting at a stage where she was interested they taught her to read;) This will be an interesting little girl to follow and see what she is doing in a couple of years:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Visit with Uncle Scott and Miss Beatrice

The kids have been excited for days now that their Uncle Scott and Miss Beatrice were coming to see them!! So last night we went into the city to have dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant and they spent the night at our house!!!

We got home from dinner at 9pm, but the kids were sooo excited to have Uncle Scott and Miss Beatrice to play with... so we let them!!! It was a good opportunity for us to finish tidying up and getting beds ready:) We had tons of squeals, laughter and running around!!!

Daddy woke up this morning and fixed everyone a big 'ole breakfast....I know he was hoping Mommy would help but I got stuck in bed with a sleeping baby and she was sleeping on my LEGS. I did eventually sneak out but we were constantly checking on her. Anyway, Daddy did a GREAT job with breakfast!!!!

Anna just wanted to tell Uncle Scott that she likes Miss Beatrice. And she was very glad they could come to stay with us for the night!