Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pecan Gathering

We spent some of our morning collecting pecans from the pecan grove behind the church. Pecans have been ready for a while now, but I'm ashamed to say that we're just now getting out there.

Maybe because we waited so long, but there really weren't many pecans to be gathered this year. Although we got plenty for our cinnamon bread and cookies:)

The kids collected pecans for a bit and then entertained themselves for a while playing in the dirt, gathering sticks and then hauling one another around in the wagon.... glad I brought the wagon!!!

I'm so thankful we have this grove to get yummy pecans. I'm more thankful how much my kids love being outdoors.... they always find something fun or creative to do!! Like today they pretended that the wagon was the school bus and the ambulance:)

Looks like there might be some more still lurking in the trees!!

1 comment:

Drea said...

nice pecan pic, u have bokeh in that pic :-) google it, its a photo term hehe.

I think Anna needs her mei tai in that pic so she can gather pecans better :-)