Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankfulness for CHEAP Gas:)

So as we traveled to Grandma's on Tuesday and home today, we were very, very thankful for the cheaper gas!!!

Gas prices were a very big issue to us early last year and throughout the summer.... we limited how many long distance trips we took (even letting our zoo membership expire), we limited how many trips into town we made and completed many errands on each trip!! We've been very thankful for our minivan, which has been pretty fuel efficient relative to how big it is:)

But this gas price reduction has been a huge blessing!! Before the major price drop we payed close to $60 to fill up our gas tank!! YEP $60 bucks!! CRAZY!! But on Monday night Brian FILLED the gas tank for our trip for just $30 dollars..... we just couldn't believe the difference!! It's soo nice:)

While this is kind of a "silly" thing to be thankful for, it does effect my weekly budget and plans! But I am quickly aware that others would be thankful for a reliable vehicle, heating oil for their homes, a home without drafts or a home period.....

I am blessed!

But it's also a reminder to be a good steward with the "wealth" I may have. And to be willing and ready to help a brother or neighbor struggling!

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