Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Did you SEE the SNOW???

Ok, I LOVE snow.... hmm, the white fluffy kind that is fun to play in and not too messy ... ah ahaa.... I'm just like a kid. And I've been really wanting snow because the last time we had fun, play snow I had just delivered a baby and wasn't able to get out into in:)

Today the TV weatherman said that there were flurries in the atmosphere, but that it probably wasn't cold enough for us to see any flurries..... for once I'm glad he was WRONG!!

We were in the parking lot when we started to see the SNOW... hmmmm, ok.. the very light flurries. But the kids were still excited to try to catch them:)

Then we went inside and had lunch together:) It would have been better had we found some friends to eat with:) Last week and this week I have taken the kids out by myself while in the midst of errands and I've been soo impressed with how well they have done... they've obeyed, they've eaten their lunches and we've had the best time:)

Today I had the camera with me.... and captured one of these Magical lunches:)

Lydia actually ate her hamburger WHOLE... instead of just eating the bread or just eating the meat... maybe because it was a late lunch:)

Gotta love Christopher with that signature ketchup on the face look:)


Drea said...

I hate we missed the outting with you all :-( looks like you had fun.
I was in bed from like 11:30-2:30pm... I was sooo sleepy... I missed all the snow!!!

Heather said...

We saw the snow!!! My kids were so excited. Ethan put on his snow hat, and said maybe we can make a snowman. So sweet. Can't make many snowmen in NC.

Stacey said...

You can have some of our snow :)