Monday, November 3, 2008

Lessons from Laura

We've gotten "into" a series of children's "classics"!! It's the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Anna and I first started reading Little House in the Big Woods and she just LOVED it. The versions that we are reading have very few pictures and the pictures are all sketched-looking . But I think she's enjoyed the stories of a little girl about her age!! And all of the adventures that this family experiences together:)

I've really, really enjoyed a couple of things about these books!! The first is that the whole family likes them..... pretty much every night Lydia lays in her bed and the rest of us sit on Anna's bed. We love reading it together and then talking and relating to the stories!!

Another thing is that it's really exposed us to how simple life can be.... I mean really simple if you can pack EVERYTHING you own into a covered wagon!! And hopefully we've used it as a tool to teach our kids how BLESSED they are.... Laura and her sister had one doll a piece and my girls have them spilling out of their closet.... makes us think!!

Oh, and it's been fun to see the differences in the girls' personalities and how our kids' personalities match..... I'm starting to really understand "birth order" traits:) I see Anna in the oldest girl (Mary) and I see the adventurous and wild streak in Christopher, much like Laura!

We read 2 chapters this afternoon and 4 chapters tonight of Little House on the Prairie so we can get the next book at the library tomorrow:)

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Devita said...

I really love Laura Ingals Wilder. I always read her books when I was in elementary school and I never miss her movie on television. I love it!