Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grateful for the small things too!!

So I've decided this week I'm only posting about being grateful and thankful:) So I wish it were earlier in the evening so I could share more BIG things I'm thankful for.... but instead I'll share some small things from today:)

*A Warm Shower
*A Reliable Van
*"CHEAP" Gas - seriously got it for $1.68 amd saw it for $1.63 :)
*Packing an extra bucket(with a lid) since Christopher looked a little pale to me
- He started throwing up about 15 minutes from home!!!! On his B-day :(
*A Walmart at every exit:)
- Had to run in to get Pedialyte and crackers
*Coupons... hahhaa
-With a coupon basically got a container of Pedialyte FREE
*A Welcoming Mother-in-Love ready to help, wash and fix us lunch.... WAY, WAY grateful for her, her sweetness and self-less service to us!!
*Cute and Clean clothes for my kids - again, my sweet mother-in-love, as well as my mom and friends and neighbors and good out-of-season clearance sales:)
*Fellowship Dinner at a Welcoming and Loving Local church

Lord, help me to be always thankful!


Mark and Rachel said...

So sorry you guys are sick. Will be praying it won't spread and you can still enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Drea said...

oh grief haha.. poor chris!!
good post tho :-)
Glad you got there safely.

BTW I got sick last night..
I almost threw up but I restrained myself.. praying in bed for atleast an hour or two... trying to not think about how bad i wanted 2.

I took one of the tummy trouble pills from www.beeyoutiful.com and it helps every time!

I eventually fell asleep and was fine.. but maybe I have whatever Christopher has? Our kids havent thrown up yet... heres praying it was just something I ate.

grammie said...

Chuckle, chuckle, LOL The beauty of motherhood or parenthood for that matter, is that it does make us thankful for the "little" things. Anything that makes our job cheaper and easier. Have a Great Thanksgiving and "I hope you feel better Christopher!"

Heather said...

Love this post. Aaaggghhh, my kids are sick too. 3 of the 4 have ear infections. Andrew had hives, Ethan and Andrew have red bumps all over their face. (some bacterial infection) Oh and Andrew had the stomach thing. Weird, huh?