Friday, November 14, 2008

ART.... I mean color-by-number

I am such a newbie when it comes to homeschooling and all the simple resources that are out there that can be used to teach our kids.... especially preschoolers:) I know the value of art for hand-eye coordination, learning colors and appreciate the beauty of differnt mediums and styles....

But today I learned the value of color-by-number:) These coloring sheets have been around forever, I know!! Today being Friday I wanted to have something fun and seasonal for one of our "school activites" so I printed off an online color-by-number sheet!!

And we tied painting with watercolors to our FIAR(five in a row) Book and matching number and colors with Chris. For Anna, I quickly realized she didn't recognize the color words (put that on our to-do list)!!! But they had fun and we all learned something:)

Christopher didn't paint, this time. He enjoyed his lolipop for another potty success and colored some... I couldn't keep his work today because it was covered in sticky drool.... ewwww:)

But he enjoyed working on it and he enjoyed his lolipop... so what else could I have asked for???

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Anonymous said...

Do you know "mandala" for painting out? They have a relaxing and calming down note. Don't know why just can tell you it works. Maybe an idea for another "silent" play.