Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A BookWorm at Work

I love how much this gal loves to read!! It totally reminds me of myself as a little girl!

The other day I saw THIS and had to take a photo to remember;) She was asked to complete her chores but couldn't put down the book!!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's Double Digits

IMG_6334A few weeks ago we had some BIG celebrations!

The first celebration was Anna's 10th Birthday!!

10.. yes, really!!

I'm not exactly sure when or where 10 years have gone! I remember those first few moments of holding my first, tiny, little newborn wondering "how in the world do I take care of her and be the momma she needs?"

Those first few weeks (and months) of being a first time mother were overwhelming:/ And if I'm honest there are still plenty of days that I feel inadequate to be this girl's mother. And that's when I lean on the Lord's wisdom and ask seasoned God-fearing moms that have been put into my life :)

It's awesome to see Anna developing into a young lady. She is polite, very social, welcoming of new friends, insightful and hard-working. She can be found working on a craft project, riding around on her bike, reading a book, practicing piano, trying to train Jack or snuggling Mr Darcy (her rabbit).

 I see some of the "growing up" challenges already upon us. Sometimes they hit us square in the head (like "duh") and other times I can see the fruit of some of our conversations played out in how she thinks through different situations/issues. These challenges are different for a parent than the baby and toddler issues. Those are usually physically demanding on a Momma but the growing up issues are more demanding on a Momma's heart.

It's just a reminder that each stage of parenting has it's own challenges ... so enjoy the stage you're in:)

And there is a lot to enjoy at this stage! Anna is soo very independent and pretty reliable. Obviously she's not perfect, but she is the one I can usually trust to get the important tasks done. She can and will jump into the kitchen to cook a simple meal or help me by completing a few preparation tasks. Anna, Lydia or sometimes even Chris can be found in the kitchen before dinner preparing a tasty dessert (a great way they serve our family).

It's really cool to see all that she is accomplishing in her schoolwork. As I look through her math work, I am blown away at what she is already working on! As a Math person I love it! This year we worked through some demanding writing assignments, as I look through the completed assignments it really is cool to see how far she has come. And what she remembers from different units, books, conversations and even just the news amazes me... she keeps me straight sometimes.

Anna is also my craft-er! Oh, how I wish I was a little more into crafts or had an eye for details that coordinate like she does. Anna is often the person I go to when I'm trying a new outfit:) #1 because she has pretty good taste and eye for style. #2 because she is very honest with me!! LOL!! I have heard more than once " You're not going to wear that, are you?"

Although now I have to ask whether she's telling me that my outfit doesn't coordinate or if she is wanting to wear one or more of the items I had planned to wear:) It's fun to have her in my closet trying on my shoes or asking to wear a pair.... and I know this stage isn't going to last!! She's going to be taller than me soon and probably not in the same size!
Grandaddy and Grandma brought some Crocs for Anna. They fit both of us!

Everyone says that she's almost as tall as me! It will be soon that she'll be taller!

She started planning her party with invitations that she saw. From the design and colors on the invitations she was determined to have a "tie dye" party, to tie-dye T-shirts with some friends, eat lunch and then swim.

 For over a month we talked over details, dates, supplies... all.the.time!! But that is MY first born.... LOL!!

And finally the day came!




It worked out perfectly and thankfully the weather held out for us (although it WAS chilly) to accomplish all she wanted:)

Her favorites:

Color : Purple and Aqua
Food: Pork BBQ Sandwiches
Treat:  Chocolate Break-Up, Chocolate chip cookies, Snickerdoodles
Subject: Writing
Animal: Zebra, Bengal Tigers
Do inside: Crafts, TV and Kindle
Outside Activity: Ride Her Bike, Play with Mr. Darcy( her rabbit)
Toys: Kindle, Wonder Loom
Restaurant: O' Charleys, Zaxbys
Book: Angel on the Square
Movie: Star Wars
TV Show: 19 Kids and Counting
Interests: Animals
Goals for her 10th year: Riding a Horse and take lessons

When you ask her what she wants to be when she "grows up" she'll respond " a veterinarian"!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Courageous Guard Dog

Jack is a bark-er!!  While there are some dogs that are just yappy.... Jack thankfully isn't!

Usually he is barking to express himself when the kids are outside and he is stuck inside.... that drives him crazy because he wants to be with them soo badly! And then put the kids on bikes outside while Jack is inside and he's LOUD! Very loud!

When we're all inside and the kids are all away from the dog, he is usually quiet and resting... conserving his energy for when the kids come back to play!

If he barks when all is quiet.... I know something is "wrong"! Maybe we have a visitor... either inside (friends or mouse) or outside! .

The other day, it was quiet! The kids were all quietly working on Legos in the schoolroom (a miracle... so I used the time finishing some school preparations for the rest of week) and Jack started to bark.


He was determined to tell us! Insistent that there was something that we needed to know! NOW!

I had to see why he was barking. Since we've had a lot of snakes recently and I was kind of hoping he was indeed trying to alert us to a problem... ie, any snakes near us!


Nope, just birds!! Those evil things that hunt for bugs in the grass and fly away before he can ever get too close!