Friday, November 7, 2008

Like a Big Guy, Already

Christopher has really been displaying how "grown" he is becoming. He's been using phrases and words differently. He's been wanting to be older, announcing that on his 3rd birthday this year he'll be "5"!!! hahaa
One of the biggest changes I've heard is what he's been calling Brian and I. When he's sleepy, wanting comfort or being affectionate he'll call us "mommy" and "daddy". But when we're outside and he's got a ball, or a stick (tough boy stuff) or we're around older people, he'll call us "mom" and "dad"!!
The other day I heard, "Dad, hey Dad, can you throw this ball with me?" And it caught be off guard a little since Anna has always called us "Mommy and Daddy"!!
Yesterday on a walk we heard and saw a very, very LOUD truck.... you know one of those vehicles that sound like a boat!! Christopher was just amazed with the truck! He kept telling me over and over how "cool!" the truck was! I asked him why he liked the truck! His response was the color and that it was a truck.... but I really think he liked the sound of the truck!! Just like a guy!!
It's just amazing how they grow up:) I remember bringing Christopher home and having him sleep with us! WOW!!
NOw if I could get him "potty trained"!!! Hahahaaa..... he is actually trying more potty practice this week. He's been doing ok.... some accidents, but at least he's been willing to try;) And I've really, really have made it a point to keep it stress-free!!!

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grandma said...

What a big handsome boy!