Saturday, November 8, 2008

Preparation Cleanup

You haven't hear too much from us this weekend!! Or maybe I haven't posted everything I've wanted to!!! We've had company!!! Yep, Uncle Scott and our "new" Aunt Beatriz have been with us since Friday night:)

Before they came we had some preparartions!! One of the biggest things that needed to be done was the crib in the girls' room. Lydia has been out of the crib since August!!! Finally it was TIME!!!

Actually disassembling it and putting it upstairs took no time but there was some sadness it putting it up! I know, I know.... I'm CRAZY!!! But my husband is just as crazy as I am.... so maybe, just maybe we're not too crazy.

Anyway, the crib went up to the attic for the time being and I'm loving the amount of space that is in the girls'room now. The openess is great, I felt like i could breathe when I went in:)

And I'm sure our guests have enjoyed the space and our new mattresses:)

Funny story: Lydia is sleeping on a "bed" made on our room. During naptime today, Lydia fell asleep fine but must have woken up sometime.... anyway, Brian went to check on her and couldn't find her. Since she was in our bedroom there is plenty for a little girl to get into..... but she wasn't even in our room. She had woken from her nap, got up, walked into her normal bedroom, climbed into her bed and went back to sleep.... aha haaaa....


Stacey said...

Maybe you'll have to put that crib back together sometime :) I can't imagine what it will be like to get rid of all the baby things. I will miss this stage soooo much!

Beatriz said...

We enjoyed very much the space and the mattresses as you said!, thanks so much for everything, it was very nice to see you all and above all, it was very nice to share good moments with the kids. We love you very much