Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Advent Plans

I know there are TONS of different ways to celebrate and bring the advent into the home! I am just amazed at what is out there.... but for us this year we're doing things preschool, simple style.

I spied out a cute cloth Advent calendar from Pockets of Learning sold through CBD!! Anyway, after much contemplation, I finally ordered it (and some books for Brian's gifts)! I think it's great and will keep us focused (even for a moment) daily about the advent season!!

I put it up this evening after the kids went down. I'm sure I'll have some training involved, especially with Christopher and Lydia NOT pulling all the little pieces out of the pockets!!

While I was visiting CBD, I also bought a little book that contains little family devotions during the advent. Each day has a short little devotion, verse and prayer. Daily it also includes a way to keep Christmas simple as a family as well as a little treat recipe... so maybe the kids and I can find another safe recipe?? Pretty good for .99!!

Of course these things aren't the only ways we'll include Christ into our Christmas celebrations!! I'm really, really looking forward to watching The Nativity Story with Anna, reading through the Christmas story from our Bibles together (hopefully many times) and enjoying the Christmas music we'll all be practicing for choir (Anna and I are hoping to join in this season)!!

What are traditions (or new traditions) you do with your family to celebrate the true reason for Christmas??

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