Friday, November 7, 2008

My H.T. Triples Experience

Well when I heard through the couponers that this weekend was a TRIPLES weekend.... I thought, maybe my couponing stash and new know-how could get me some good deals..... WOW!!

So I followed the reports of the good finds at The Savvy Dollar (for all those NC couponers)!! Anyway, the restrictions are one trip a day and only 20 coupons per trip! So I organized all the coupons with the deals... what a task! And then on the trip to the store I organized what 20 coupons I would use.... only 20!!!

Let's just say the first 10 minutes "shopping" we very, very disappointing!! I'm very much a sale shopper so I was looking for all the sales to add my coupons to.... but with triples, the 75 cent coupons are soo good, with some items you don't need to sale price.... new to me:) I was also very disappointed that the Cheerios were gone... so no .35 cent boxes of Cheerios for us... at least not this time. But I did get a raincheck, so as soon as I can find some more coupons for Honey Nut Cheerios, I'll be heading back to at least double them (80 cents per box isn't too shabby either)!!

Here are the goods:

I don't have my total before the savings, but here were my stats:

VIC savings : $5.87

Coupons: $25.81

Total out of pocket: $12.12

***So we did pretty well. There were a couple of things I would not have normally purchased... name brand stuff. But I was excited about the new Pamolive dish detergent for 1.15, my $1 Magic Eraser and free yeast and tea!! Disappointed about missing the FREE baking powder (we use a TON substituting for eggs) and the 35-cent Cheerios!!!

*** And I'm wondering if it was worth the planning and stress??? aha haa..... now that I've done it once I know better what to expect ..... I don't think I'll be as stressed next time:)

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