Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Family

Well I really want to include pics with each post:) But I'm NOT on my computer :( So this post will be lacking in the pics, but not in the appreciation:)

We have been blessed with great extended families.... Brian's parents and my own have been such a blessing to us! Our greatest encouragers and sounding boards:) And then look beyond our parents into our siblings... they have all been very sweet and understanding aunts and uncles... even when none of them have children, yet!!

I do have a pic from Scott and Bea's wedding.. so here is one set of extended family from Oct!!

****Need to say that this is a Michelle Barnett Photography pic...

I wish a had a pic of my whole family:( But I've recently found that we might be celebrating Christmas with the whole family in one spot this year.... I'm thinking it's picture time:) So I'm hoping to have a pic of all of us:) I have my mom and Dad, my brother Brian, my sister Jaclyn, her husband Carson, and my "little" brother Eric!!

Guys we love you!! We pray for you often!! And we look forward to spending some part of the holidays with you!! While we all had "fun" growing up together, we are thankful for our relationships with you guys, our siblings! And we're thankful for your love and relationships with our kiddies!!

For our parents what can we say??? You taught us sooo much about service, kindness, love and hard work! We appreciate all you do fo us!! And you've definitely taught us that parenting extends beyond the teen years.... ah haaa!!


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