Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Numbers and the Media

Two things:

* Are you staying up to watch the results come in... watch all the numbers? Are you going to stay up stay waiting and watching to see who will be our next president??

*What will the news media do for the next 4 years if their hand-picked candidate lets us down?


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about staying up till the first result would come in. But they told us that it will be the earliest one hour after midnight for us. Although my sister and me have been to the movies in the evening and came home later, I did not stay up as I was tired. Of course, when I woke up this morning the news in radio were just over and I did not hear the result. I switched on the TV and changed to CNN as the German channels did not have any special news at this moment.

Drea said...

I watched it 5 minutes and was done. :-\ i knew Obama would win before I even turned the TV on.
Bush let a lot of people down including republicans and conservatives... so I had a feeling many of those who voted him didnt want to vote for someone similar looking.. in fear they'd have another 4 years of Bush.