Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My "work" for Tonight

In many ways I've been slacking.... so this evening makes up for those times I just haven't put forth the effort.... so tonight I am finally going to get semi-caught up on getting prints made of our digital photos.

I haven't had photos made for the kids' photo albums since last Auguest... yes, 2007!!! I have added a few here and there that I had made for projects or gifts. But actually ordering them to make up their baby photo albums... I just hadn't made the time in over a YEAR!!!!

So I have a massive order at Walmart going in soon.... hopefully. And then I'll have a huge stack to sort!! My goal is that by Thanksgiving the albums will be complete through October (we'll see how far I get)!!

I just can't imagine not having a hard copy of this:

OK.... fess up, is anyone else this far behind in making prints and their children's albums???


Drea said...

I stopped printing albums for the boys when Taite was born HAHA... bad I know.. I just dont have the time. I figure saving them to CD will do.. but I do hope to get a blurb book for each of the boys this year..

Kalle said...

Guilty. The last time I printed photos was just after my wedding....say 3 and bit years ago. I hope to start printing again, if not for albums at least for photos on our wals.

Jodi said...

I haven't printed photos... ever! Well thats ever since I went digital. Other than the 5 or 10 best shots every couple of moths to gove top my Grandma as she doesn't have the means to view the pictures.

My big plan of attack is to do some digital scrapbooking to get my life caught up (like my wedding & baby #1) before baby #2 arrives!