Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pics & I have a NAME!!!

I am ASHAMED that I have yet to post Baby's pictures from our ultrasound weeks ago... like weeks BEFORE Christmas!!! In the rush of the season and then the getting back to "normal"... I just hadn't gotten to take pictures of my ultrasound pics!! So here they are:)


This one is cute with the explanation that his fist is under his chin:) And his cute belly:)

The best news is that.... after months of deliberation AND Brian's final threat,"If you don't pick a name I'm going to write whatever I want on the birth certificate!" LOL!!! My poor husband... I might actually drive him crazy one day:) .... we have decided on a name!

I am soo excited... when Brian suggested the name, my heart was soo set on it already... in fact I might have scared him when I soo quickly responded, "That's a perfect name... I love it!" Let me list WHY, this is a great name (in no particular order)

  1. It fits our naming pattern!

  2. The meaning of the name is "gift of God" - this was important to me because while trying to have another baby, I was brought to the fact that our babies are a gift from God there was nothing I could do but trust and wait for God to allow us to have another baby.

  3. His middle name is the same name of the 1st known relative from Brian's father's side of the family. We read it on the man's gravestone... written in German!

  4. This aspect of his middle name is not blood-relative, but family in our eyes. And it's a sweet friend of Brian's that meant a LOT to him. Brian drove the family 9 hours (one way) to participate in his funeral and my only regret was that we didn't plan to stay longer to be with his sweet and awesome family!!!

  5. The one in the Bible he is named after is described as being "without guile".... my NLT says "man of complete integrity"!

  6. The passage that this biblical character is from is special because he comes in contact with Christ and Christ immediately shows him that He KNOWS him! That would be our prayer, that Baby would know that His Heavenly Father knows him already... in fact even is forming him now:)

  7. This disciple's response to Christ is one of knowing Christ's position... I'm sure he didn't understand everything! But we also pray that our son would know Christ's position in his life early in life.

  8. Brian and I just chuckle at one of the disciple's well-known responses to a friend,“Can anything good come from Nazareth?” .... we read into it his sarcasm!! And it might match my husband's dry sense of humor.... LOL, I can only imagine our dinner table when they are all teens/adults!!

  9. He'll have a MOUTHful of a name but many great options for nicknames:) Kind of like our Chris!!

  10. It's a name you've heard before, but not so commonly used! Kind of like Lydia:)

  11. Brian and I BOTH love it:) LOL!! That counts for a lot around here:) But we've been 100% in agreement with the other's names and so it's nice that we BOTH really like it and neither is "compromising".

Well.... that's WHY!!! Quite a list I know:) But funny that a name that we thought of could hold soo much meaning and purpose for this little babe named, Nathaniel Stephen, that grows daily inside of me:)


Rachel said...

Precious! I have to admit, I made it to about #2 on the list and then had to scroll to the bottom to read the name and then go back and read the rest :) So excited for you and this big milestone!

Jen Lichtley said...

So great!! 2 of my husband's brothers share those names. One is Nathaniel one is Stephen--just how you spelled them! Glad you reached a decision!!!

Jenny said...

I love it! Great list too!

Stam House said...

what a beautiful name

Kristen said...

'Without Guile' gave it away for me! The first at least!

Love the name! Wonderful!

Erica said...

love it! congrats!

Beatriz said...

I like it a lot!, it's a little hard for me to pronounce it (Nathaniel) because we don't have the "th" sound in Spanish, but I'm sure I'll get better with practice...hehehe

Anonymous said...

LOL, Kelly, it is so funny that his middle name will be Stephen, you probably remember that it was one of the example names in my email to you!
Okay, first of all I like that name. Nathaniel, we do not have here. We have got Nathan, but it is a very very old name and not really in use.
Let me ask you something without sounding strict. Is Stephen the spelling you saw on the grave? It is written like that, please, do not get angry with me, but it probably was changed. The German version would be Stephan.

3 for Me! said...

Jenny- I don't remember the spelling on the grave! I bet you are right though Stephan is probably a more German spelling... I'll ask Brian about that!

Thanks everyone!! We are very excited to finally have a name and to share it with everyone:)

Dorian said...

My nephew, who turns one on Feb 1 is Nathaniel James. =o) Excellent choice!!

Ashley said...

I think it is perfect!!

Sandra said...

Great name. We named our oldest Nathan Alexander.

Meg said...

What a perfect name! I love the thought and detail you put into his name meaning. How precious!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I got over excited and definitely skipped down to the bottom first because I had to see what it was. haha! Great name, great reasons for picking it! :)