Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Thanksgiving "Class"

Today after all the excitement of the snow we buckled down and got to work on our final day of the Thanksgiving Story.... I've been using the book ...If you Sailed on the Mayflower by Ann McGovern.

It wasn't the book I had originially wanted to get but it somehow i only ended up with this one!! And we liked it. It was broken into question and answer, so it wasn't extremely detailed but very good my crew. And since it was tailored to kids and what the kids did on the ship, when they landed, how they lived.... my kids listened intently:)

We did some counting by tens when we read that the Indians brought 90 people to the feast:)

We finished reading about the Thanksgiving celebration and meal. Then we sorted food (some mentioned in the book) into the different food groups!!! They needed to know food groups... and Anna did ok... she had trouble with turnips;) Christopher really wanted match the color of the picture to the letters of the category:) He had a hard time putting the red pepers into the greeen vegetable pile and not on the red fruit sign! Ahhh.... Preschoolers:)

Ohh, I am given magazines from Grandma and so all the food pictures came from those... they get stacked up after a while, but it's been than just throwing them out. I look through and get recipes and then the kids and I cut them up for "school projects"!

After sorting food, we worked on making pilgrim hats and Indian headwear.... you know the classic elementary school projects for Thanksgiving! The kids wanted to paint their hats so I let them!!! Here they are, hard at work:)

And here's what my table looks like in the midst of schooling/crafts...

And here are the cutest little pilgrim and the silliest Indian (and their adorable, pant-less again, little sister) eating popcorn as we fix lunch:)
And here is our verse for the week: "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever." Psalm 107:1

Have a Very THANKFUL Thanksgiving:)

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Drea said...

Annas face in the last pic is funny :-)

Love the turkey hat.
Fun ideas.
I wish I could get things together and get some structured time like that for the boys. I know it be good for them.. its just one thing after another right now here... its hard to get right.. you know?

But I did set up their school room today! Im excited about it.. although the desk I have isnt great for Taite.. so I still have the tiny desk set up for him.

You'll see soon enough :-)