Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Harvest Festival - gotta lot to learn

Our church held our neighbor "outreach" and church "inreach" last night as a Harvest Festival. Our town doesn't have store or place that we meet up with people, so using special events we try to meet more neighbors and reconnect to those we haven't seen in a while!!

Being one of the "planning ladies" , having my own "job" and my kids to try to keep an eye on (although Brian and Ginny really kept them most of the time).... I was busy, busy, busy!! I didn't sit down AT ALL from 5 to 9:40 (when my kids were tucked in bed)!! We had a pretty good turn out (we served over 100 hot dogs!)!! But I was surprised by the way we were able to encourage people!

When we started talking about the Harvest Festival, I was thinking about it as a ministry to the children in the neighborhood and a way to reconnect with some of our VBS crowd. But other ladies had a desire to have activities for the older crowd:) And they were completely right!!

We had a handful of older members of our community who attended and just enjoying being around a group of people!! One commented to one of our church members, "Thanks for inviting me, I would have just sat at home by myself tonight!"
I wasn't surprised by older members of the church and community coming!! But I was surprised with how much they enjoyed themselves... whether it was walking in the cake walk, playing BINGO or just watching all the activities:) I've got a lot ot learn about ministering to my community!!!! oh.... and the kids had fun, too!!! They had PLENTY of games, candy and prizes to keep them occupied!!!
And with my busy-ness, I dropped a couple of pounds on Halloween night.... how's that possible:) Must have been running around more than I thought!!!!

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