Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Singing His Name

Nate is at a very exciting stage:) He is learning something new daily and showing us that he knows it;) It's so awesome to see him beginning to recognize letters and understand letter sounds.

So a few weeks ago I was trying to teach him the letters of his name and he just wasn't getting it. But he loves to sing...

We started to use a short, little song to practice his name.

And it stuck!

What is even cooler is that he is finding letters that are in his name and trying to make the letters! This morning he was making letters too using straw-like tubes.


It was just a reminder of how much kids can memorize through song and repetition:)

And I wanted to share this one too! We have been singing "Jesus, Loves Me" to Nate since he was a tiny little bundle. But just recently he has been singing with us;) Just precious!

This morning he changed the lyrics a bit...

Jesus love me
This I know,
'Cause me mommy tells me so

I giggled and reminded him that mommy loves telling him about Jesus. And I learn about Jesus from the Bible:) Anyway, it was another sweet, encouraging mommy-moment!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Their 1st CampOut

Grammie returned from Nepal safely:) While it was a little lonely not having my mom just a "phone call away" during a challenging season.

I am soo thankful for her heart and her example. For her courage to go alone to a foreign country where she had a few faithful contacts who lovingly took her in; and who wouldn't... my mom is awesome;)

And for her testimony! She said that she shared the news of Dad's death to some of the people that they had worked with a few years ago. People they promised that they would return to work with... and now it was just my mom they saw!!

So after this amazing journey to Nepal and back. After a quick week or so getting "settled" back at home, WHAT DOES my MOM DO?

Heads down to my house

ready to take some excited kids camping... on their 1st CampOut;)

They didn't go far:)... just the carport... LOL!! The weather called for rain and we were wanting a good and restful 1st experience:)IMG_2607

Decked out in their Nepali headgear, they were all smiles as we tucked them in.


Chris was in his usual bed attire... just the essentials:) LOL!!

Since the tent was loaded with girls, he slept in the backseat of the truck and had his own peek hole into the tent to check-in with Grammie.

And amazingly it was a "silent night"!!

As soon as Nate was awake in the morning, he headed outside to check on the campers;) We could hear them starting to move around and maybe a little face or two peeking around the tent!


They had a blast!!!

They did awesome:) We have some campers on our hands!!

I was laughing at myself though. Even though the kids were just outside, with my mom and I could even hear them settling down for the night...

Brian could peek in on them!

 I was still a little nervous!

 I can count with one hand (and a finger) how many times one of my children haven't been under my care overnight. And 3 of those times it was when I was in the hospital birthing a sibling!

Seeing  my "shy" and "momma" kids to want to start becoming more and more independent...

is a joyful (and terrifying) part of motherhood. And this is just the start.... oh, I know, yikes!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Fall Beach Trip

The cold weather has surrounded us this week! It makes me very thankful for our mild fall and our quick, "somewhat spontaneous" fall beach trip to visit my aunt and uncle.

They had contacted us earlier about meeting them for the day while they were visiting a local beach. While I was excited about the chance and honored by the invite, I was hoping to find a day we could get Brian out of the office, too:) But it didn't happen so the kids and I headed to the beach.

The crew was willing to head to a local aquarium, too!! So we even were able to squeeze in a field trip during our mini vacation;)


They spent a lot of time in the simulated turtle rescue center. Chris and Anna were at the diagnostic center and Nate like the clinic side where he got to "treat" the turtles.... I actually he was supposed to be giving an enema... LOL!!


Chris dancing with the turtles:)


The touch tank was a BIG hit;)

We tried to keep Nate dry... but he was soaked! Thankfully I had packed an extra outfit, so a quick change and we were ready for more!

And the sharks!!


We did some swimming in the freezing cold water. I actually didn't swim until I had to:/ We had a  scary event that thankfully ended with giggling.

We also swam in a pool (for the last time for the "season") and made a Sonic visit after dinner... a true kid's vacation:)

Unfortunately, I didn't get beach pictures or pictures with my aunt and uncle:( It was a treat to get the opportunity to stay with them at the beach. Not only because it's not often we get to see some of our extended family, but because...

sometimes you don't realize how much you need a vacation until you are away and get to relax a bit ( as relaxing as it gets with 4 kids)!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BRRR... it's Cold Outside!!

Anyone already looking for snow or have some on the ground?

WE had such a mild, lovely fall that this latest cold spell has broken the idea that winter wasn't really on it's way... yet!

The easiest way that I know it really IS cold is the kids!!!

Nate is wearing clothes!! )

And Anna left some selfies on my camera before she went out to tend her rabbit:)

I love the dimples across her nose;)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Napping Buddy

I haven't posted much lately:/

I really would love to get back into blogging the Weekly Wrap-Up again, it just became a good "schooling journal" for us:) So that is in the works... at least in my thoughts;)

And I haven't posted a Jack picture in a while either! He is such a quirky little dog... totally afraid of play guns, balloons and the broom. And he has to be in the middle of every dance session, race and bicycle ride. We're still working on his manners and calming him down when the kids are very active (it gets him too excited)!

Regardless of his quirks and kitchen towel snatching,

he's still a great napping buddy and totally loved on!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Candy Thief

All dressed up this year!! Two Ninjas (lovely :/), an Indian princess and an "army man" with his face smashed in to the helmet... it wasn't that tight, he just liked it that way!


We had the Halloween candy on the counter, I had the idea of using to motivate a little more obedience. And while it did work... well...

there was a thief lurking around!

When he was caught in the act he said, "Me not eating tandy, me just picking some out."


He looks guilty doesn't he? LOL!!


BTW... anyone  else surprised to see Nate clothed?????  LOL!!

Yesterday, he went outside in just undies and quickly came back inside stating that he needed to get some clothes on. Minutes later he returned in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts... that matched really well. He was upset that I made him change into warmer clothes;)

Join in with your kids' words;) Link in the comments or comment on FB:)