Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Newest Singer

Singing is very "in" at our house lately. The kids will play "church"! Each will get a book (AKA a hymn book) and start to sing their little hearts out. I'm thinking this has become such a new game soo quickly b/c the kids have started sitting in Sunday evening service and sometimes part of Sunday morning with me:)

Ok, back to "playing church"! They each get a "hymnal" and sing. But they are never really singing any planned song it really comes out very strange:) Not really words, just sounds and notes,etc!

This morning i caught Lydia "practicing"..... ahahaaa... what have the older ones taught her???

This has really, really encouraged me to start teaching them some kiddie songs and hymns.... it would be much more beautiful to have them actually singing songs that use real words and encourage our hearts :)


Drea said...

IS that when we were on the phone? Shes so cute!

Caleb the other day picked up a book at the christianbook store down town.. said "mama.. this is my favorite, I have to have it."

It was a commentary on the gospel of John HAHA

We went to put it away and he was like "Awe man, that is my favorite, thats not fair."

They learn the not fair thing fast!!

grandma said...

Lydia, Granddaddy and Grandma loved your singing!

Stacey said...

That is so sweet :) Rowan sings all day long too. He sings Mighty to Save, and various other worship songs from church. It's so precious to see them wanting to learn those songs!

grammie said...

I'll make sure I bring home a copy of the Bible verses I've put to song. Ha HA

Lis said...

How CUTE! Providence sings her own versions of songs IN church, those around us sport extra big grins while singing.