Monday, December 1, 2008

Writing his name

A couple of months ago I blogged about how we were a little worried about Christopher writing a good amount of his letters backwards... especially the letters in his name!!! Anyway, I did casually ask my pediatrician and he basically said the same thing that I had read and that people commented:) I was concerned a little TOO Early:)

Since then during writing practice I have been gently correcting him, letting him trace letters and having him play with letters (frig magnets)!! And for a little while we noticed he'd write and recognize the letters BOTH backwards and forwards!!

Then today I had him write his name on a little matching worksheet that Grandma gathered from a kindergarten subbing job:) I thought it might be good for him to start writing his name on some od his work to practice!! And to easily sort from Anna's work:)

To my surprise he wrote his name!! All of the letters correctly and I thought I was helping him with the spelling until I looked down and realized he was letters ahead of me!! He's going to be a very interesting and fun kid to homeschool... if he'll sit still long enough:)


Drea said...

Caleb cant write more than an H. Isnt it funny how each kid is different.
My kids can poop and pee on a toilet at 22 months old.. yet cant write :-)
Well I wouldnt expect it of Taite yet.. but Caleb just has no interest in it AT ALL.. and his motor skills are just not well enough that he can do it... he has trouble enough coloring or drawing a circle.

I think one more year will help him A LOT.

Stacey said...

Yeah, like Drea said... every kid is sooo different! I still think it's super early for Christopher to be writing his name, forward or backward! Great job Christopher!