Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost 30 Weeks & Sleeping with a Preggo Woman

Almost 30 weeks and counting:) Just amazing that we're in the 3rd Trimester!!! Whooo Hoooo! I know Chris is getting anxious! Just the other day he asked impatiently,"When is MY brother going to get out of YOUR tummy???"

I actually feel soo much bigger this time around;) Maybe it was someone seriously asking me if I was preggo with TWINS when I told them I was due in May!!!!

I definitely started this pregnancy heavier than my others. Here are my GREAT excuses (LOL!!!!).... I wasn't nursing when I got pregnant, I sit on my bottom for a few hours each morning at the school table with the kids and it's been CRAZY COLD and WET this winter!!!

But I am eating what I need to and watching my snacks. I drink GALLONS of water a day (or at least I feel like it's that much)! And I'm trying to keep up my normal lifestyle with the kids and I CAN'T WAIT to get outside and really get MOVING again (oh, my garden need sooo much work!!!). But I'm healthy and the pregnancy is going great, so I am very thankful!

I've been kind of snickering at how some of my recent changes has been making Brian loose sleep. He's a trooper:)

  • I'm constantly congested. You can't hear it in my voice, but at night the post-nasal drop is obnoxious and sometimes I SNORE!! LOL!!!
  • The ligaments holding my big 'ole baby belly can be soooo painful at night. So I have resorted to using pillows all the way around me, so not matter how I turn my belly is supported. This totally leaves inches for my sweet hubby!
  • Extra pillows and extra weight makes it impossible for me to "slip" in and out of bed without boucing him around some:) LOL.... he knows when I've been up LATE blogging;)
  • When the pillows don't support, the ligaments will shoot SHARP pains!! So there have been nights when I'm trying to get up and I can't because of the ligament pain. My poor hubby has woken up with me "breathing through" those pains and has even come around to help me get up:)
  • Since it takes me "forever" to get in and out of bed around and over all the pillows, Brian has been woken up by the kids for more water and other needs in the wee hours of the morning..... doing things I usually do:)

Nathaniel is starting to be soo much fun!! We are starting to feel actually elbows and knees and feet instead of just "bumps". And he's starting to "interact" more... like responding with a kick/elbow when we rub the "baby belly" or push in a spot. It's fun to guess what his personality is like based on our "interactions" with him:)

Well... I was obviously VERY wordy today!! But it is Wordless Wednesday!! We are giggling here because Brian was the photographer for me... hence the little watermark in the corners of the pics... LOL!!! He is a trooper:)

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!


Shana said...

Congratulations on your new blessing on his way! I felt urged to comment instead of just lurking because my oldest (he'll be 4 next month) is named Nathaniel and I don't see it very often! Great choice, if I do say so myself! :) Good luck!

Pamela said...

You are gorgeous. I love a big, full baby belly. Prenatal Yoga was my BFF during my third (and last) pregnancy!

Felicia said...

I think you look great! Man, my ligaments are already hurting this time around and I am only 12 weeks! Eek!

Stacey said...

You look so good! I bought that same nursing shirt :) It fit me right to the end of pregnancy! Oh, and that ligament pain is awful! I still have pain.

Jenny said...

You look so cute! Bummer about the ligament pain. That happened to me just a few times and it was painful.

I'm so happy that you and the baby are healthy!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I can't believe how far along you are! I'm sure it may seem slower to you, but it seems to be flying by from over here. haha. :) I was sore alot with Tirzah, hope you are feeling better so you can move around more easily!

Drea said...

Your bed sounds like our bed :)
I dont think you look like your having twins.. I mean your 30 weeks! that means you really only have 10 or less to go... thats not that many. You are short and petite like me so I think naturally ppl think we look bigger.

I had atleast 3 ladies ask me at walmart "grief when are you due?" I didnt even want to deal with any rude comments if I said "I technically have til March 22nd" so I just said "any day now, I hope" LOL :)

I also had a few ladies say (total strangers) at walmart yesterday that I looked really low! then one said i Looked high.

Each person thinks different or sees differently apparently :)

But Im with you. I def feel bigger this time around than last time.. and I blame it on that extra 5lbs I had on me before even getting pregnant haha.

Kate said...

HAHAHA! It's crazy what we become while pregnant...I became a snorer too! I didn't feel sorry for Jon at all tho since I was the one carrying our babies!