Friday, October 31, 2008

The Colors of FALL

The fields loaded with soybeans!!
And the trees behind them whose leaves are beginning to change their color!!

A neighbor's tree that stands in such bright contrast to the evergreens around it:) Do you see the cotton behind the tree??

The colors (and smells)of fresh baked goodies from our oven that everyone can enjoy!!!


Candice said...

Oh yummy! I wish I was in your kitchen!

Grammie said...

Thanks for the Fall pictures( oh how I miss the changing of the leaves) and I can just smell and taste those yummy looking cookies. Are they pumpkin??

3 for Me! said...

With the Ener-G egg replacer I've learned I can use many normal cookie recipes and just substitute the egg replacer in for the eggs.... soo cool!! And the cookies come out in formed circles... not glops :)

These were sugar cookies that we used cokkie cutters and colored icing.... oh yes, the colored icicing was a good way to teach about mixing colors:)