Thursday, October 9, 2008


I was tagged by Heather... a sweet, sweet encourager and another PW (pastor wife)!!

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So let's see.... (I'll try not to repeat any answers from a previous tag, but if I do you KNOW it's true)

1. I really would love being a receptionist/filer... I just like paperwork and filing/organizing. Strange. I also like sorting papers, stuffing envelopes...

2. I love to read, but it really has to capture my interest in the first few pages... if I'm not hooked it'll sit around and I may never read it. You can imagine how terrible required reading was for me in school:)

3. Played the violin, would love to get back into it...especially b/c I just found a great mommy&me violin group "nearby":)

4. Still definitely want more babies or adopt.... for sure...

5. Really, really, really want to exercise on a regular basis

6. Miss our families being soo far away

7. Funny since I wrote #6, but I can still picture us one day serving overseas as missionaries, international pastor, or maybe in a seminary/university... hmmmm?? who knows??

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ok, well I only did 6 but if anyone else posts with the tag... let me know... I'll feel "complete" knowing that I did all 7 tags... ahahaaa


Heather said...

I love papers also. I love filing or reorganizing. We are fortunate to serve near family, but I could see us serving anywhere.

Devita said...

Oh I finally found

I love violin. I always want to play it. Someday I'll hired someone to teach There is no word like "late" right?

What a great day it is!

I'll do it as soon as possible sister.

thank you very much!!


Jenn said...

Haha, I had already tagged ya on my post. Soooo we are even steven!

I enjoyed it reading yours.

By the way, we have something in common...I also love to stuff envelopes and push papers...I don't know why, but I so enjoyed doing this for my sister in law during invoice time. I'd go volunteer because I enjoyed it that much! lol!

Devita said...

Dear Kelly, I have done a half of this tag, would you check it? i need to think about the last four first before I continue it... have fun!