Thursday, October 23, 2008

Family Cookie Night:)

Some may think that an evening at home is quiet and relaxing! Hmmm, not at my house:) We had plans to venture to a local Fall/Halloween Community party but since more than half of us are sick or getting over "the Crud" we thought it best to "stay in" :)

We attempted to have a family night by making cookies together!!! We already had the batter and all the kids had to do (this time) was mix in some raisins in on batch and some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the other:) But tonight, even this small task got a little wild!!

I left the kitchen for a nano-second to grab the camera and capture this fun memory:) And of course the camera did catch them eating the batter!! (which is fine for our egg-free cookies) and you LOVE Lydia's silly and make everyone laugh:)

Finally the crew got to taste their work!! They all wanted chocolate chip but settled for a oatmeal raisin while they waited for their oatmeal chocolate chip:)

Hahhaa... Daddy had to share his batch after all:)

Sweet family night!! Here are the kids enjoying their cookies and one another's company:)

Quick add-ons:

  1. We baked our egg-free cookies with Ener-G egg replacer... works great in baked goodies (NOT pancakes)!! But doesn't work with boxed mixes.... so we just have to do homemade!!
  2. Like the Christmas Dishes??? Hahhaa... I never got all of them put up this year. I finally got it in me to out them away and realized that Christmas was less than 3 months away and then the days started getting cooler and I just started using them again:)