Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Spelling Out, No Haircuts & No "Mums"

Yes, it's been another doozy of a day.... hahaha... Monday I wasn't 100%, Tuesday was grocery shopping and today has been "No" Day!!!

I knew it was going to be tough as I was in bed at 6am trying to get Lydia back to sleep:) Anyway, I heard the paci making a strange noise. Being half awake I figured it was because she was congested...nope....

No "Mums" - About 10am I realized that Lydia had chewwed through her LAST paci.... for the older two we just took their pacis when they chewed through their last. Anna and Chris had both just turned 2 and after a nap and evening of fussing they were fine. But Lydia is younger and I just haven't been as diligent to keep her paci for sleeping and traveling times (maybe that's why she's already busted through this last one soo early).

So now we're planning to travel to Grandma and Grandaddy's to celebrate the wedding of Uncle Scott and Miss Bea and I have a paci-less, teething, sleepy(not napping b/c of the missing paci) 20 month old...hmmm, doesn't sound fun, does it?

No Spelling Out - At lunch Brian and I were talking about our plans for the afternoon. Brian said, "Maybe this afternoon I can take the kids for a W-A-L-K....." It was about that time that Anna piped up and asked, "Can I go for a walk too?" Hahahaa

So just to check to see if she could really "read" he said ," What if I R-U-N?" And we looked at Anna and saw the little wheels turning in her brain. Then she said, "what, run?" Haaa haahaa. Then she got a little smile on her face and said, "Daddy do you know the word S-U-N?"

Looks like we're going to have to figure out a new code language or spell out larger words :)

No Haircuts - The last time we cut Christopher's hair he did a super job. We cut it in the tub so that we could rinse him off quickly since he gets upset when he itches (first we gather the cuttings of hair... no need to clog pipes).

So we decided to bring him to our sweet local beautician, Mandy. I'm not sure I need to continue the story except to say he pitched the biggest fit I've ever seen him pitch...WOW!! I tried talking calmly, offering candy, letting him comb his hair, being stern, "popping" in her back room....nothing worked, so we just left :(

We'll attempt another home haircut this evening. We usually do a good job, so I'm not worried about it but he would have looked soo sharp in his little tux with a super hair cut...hmmm you think he should do the "dinosaur hair"... hahaha.. just kidding:)

OK... it's 3:30pm and Lydia never napped. Christopher is awake because Lydia was loud and playing in his room and he's stinky! Maybe they'll be in bed earlier tonight so I can get the last minute packing and cleaning done....maybe?? No paci?? maybe not :(

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Heather said...

I tagged you in my blog. I just thought it was kind of fun.