Friday, October 10, 2008

"good" night sleep

Chris finally fell asleep last night at 12:30!!! He played football with Grandaddy and Grandma until they were tired. Then he drove his cars up and down the bumps in the air mattress. Then him and I played store, as he purchased the cars.

About 12ish he told me he was sleepy so I got his bed on the couch ready and made my air mattress on the floor next to the couch! He finally fell asleep.... but throughtout the night he woke up or I found his feet on me so I had to get him back on the couch. One time he just rolled off the couch onto me... hahhaaa... go thing he's still pretty small:)

Guess what time he woke up??? 6:22am!!! Yep, just like normal.

How's that for a "good"night of sleep???

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