Monday, October 20, 2008

humor in the classroom:)

Part of morning homeschooling routine (when it is routine) is to do Five In A Row. This is a cirriculum that takes children's classics and creates days worth of lessons from the book... everything from language arts, social studies, and BIble to math an art!! Anyway, we read the FIAR book and then do one or two of the activties for that story each day.

This morning we started The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. I was instantly amazed at how well my kids listened to the story today... they were captivated:) Maybe because the story is a little suspenseful escpecially for little ones:)

We talked about trusting (parents and God), explained some of the new terms (like fortnight), Anna cut out magazine pictures of gardens to "make" her own garden like Mr McGregors' garden and then we reviewed the main points of the story.

Although the story didn't say exactly why Peter ventured into the garden against his mother's wishes, it did say that he immediately started eating a lot of vegetables. Anyway, one of the last questions I asked the kids was, "Why did Peter go into the garden against his mother's directions?" I honestly was expecting blank stares, or because he was hungry, or he was bad.

Instead my little budding scholar said, "Peter wanted a salad" with a smirk.

I about fell out of my seat laughing! Where does she get this humor from???


grammie said...

She's a thinker!! And a funny one at that!

Mark and Rachel said...

I'm just glad to hear they are getting some good British Lit in :) And also learning the British language with words like "fortnight." He wanted a salad. Too funny!