Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bats and New Safe Eats

This morning during our writing time, Christopher grabbed the markers and started drawing. Anna never did much drawing of anything but letters... but Christopher will draw animals and people, trucks, shapes and letters!! He's very creative... at least I think so (totally biased, I know!!)

So you want to guess what this is??? (just read the title of the post and you'll get it)

At the grocery store yesterday I scooped up a new brand of cereal that I had a coupon for... my coupon was for $1 off, so it met my under $2 cereal criteria:)

Anyway, the cereal is called Cascadian Farms organic Granola. And we got the "oats and honey" variety.... our Walmart carries like 8 different varieties. Usually speciality cereals have milk or peanut issues and so I just picked a cereal out for me... isn't that soo selfish....

So as I was putting away the cereal at home I was deciding what shelf to put it on.... the lower "safe food shelf" or the higher "not for the kids" shelf (yes, they are labeled at my house)! It was then I realized that it contained NO milk ingredients and had not been on shared peanut equipment!!!
Last night for a snack, Anna asked for the "new cereal we haven't tried yet" which we were very surprised to hear from out little girl who never tries new foods... well I guess it's not NEVER anymore:)

For snack this morning, my healthly kids (hahahaa) are munching on (and dropping it all over the kitchen floor) organic granola.... which is totally allergy friendly!!! Yay!!

And another allergy friendly company that we've been enjoying lately is ARNOLDS... on their website you can even find food that are ok for your fmaily using a search that will eliminate the ingreidents you have to avoid!!!


Drea said...

awe cool!!! and no, not selfish at all :-)

Im gald they like it. I have a home made granola recipe.. but it makes A TON.. so im not sure if its good to make unless you eat it daily.

3 for Me! said...

When we were in seminary I made my own granola but all the recipes I found called for dry nonfat milk... so obviously homemade won't work for us.... unless there is a homemade non-milk recipe out there;)

Erica said...

i've been making granola these days (yes, modern granola hippie i am!) b/c our family eats a TON of it! i made it using 8 cups of oatmeal, not including everything else i put in, and it's almost gone in 3 days!!! anyway, i don't use milk...i'll email you or call with my 'recipe.' which means i'm throwing it together.....