Friday, September 2, 2011

16 Months

Little Nate is keeping us busy;)

IMG_7841The Stats

  • Weight 23.5 lbs 
  • Sizes 18 and 24 months
  • 2 naps:) Sleeps soundly and consistently through the night;) 
  • 3 meals and 2 snacks!
  • Cutting 4 teeth right now... all his canine teeth!
  • Begs for broccoli and green beans;) 
  •  LOVES fruit... will only eat fruit sometimes
  • Starting to recognize foods/boxes and makes his requests KNOWN 
  • Hasn't had hard candies, but at church he begs and begs for them
New Tricks
  •  Points to his hands, hair and feet when asked
  • Dancing to VBS songs
  • Climbing onto the girls dresser to get their Zhu-Zhu pets;)
  • Pulls stools and  toys to stand on
  • Starting to hand us stuff when we ask:) or getting DOWN off stuff when we ask;) 
  • Points to cupboards or tries to pull open the fridge for snacks!
"Bad" Habits
  • KNOWS what he wants... and grunts until he gets it
  • IMG_7846
  • Wandering and LOUD at church.... working on this;) 
  • Still hates brushing his teeth 
  • Playing ON the kitchen table
New Words
  • Been dancing to VBS songs with Anna and learned "yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh" from Yes to VBS :)
  • Does these little "blah" noises...
  • IMG_7845
  • And I KNOW the other day I heard him say "ball"... you tell me... (sorry for the sideways video)

Momma's Thoughts 

This is such a fun (with some challenges) stage!! He's just soo curious, but can now usually point or lead us to what he wants. He tries to keep up with his siblings so he can usually be found with one of them... although he still wanders off!!

It's great that he's already learning how to be a little independent by showing us what he wants, but he still enjoys some snuggling when he first wakes up!!

As I respond and spend time with Nate each day, I am reminded how important it is to start "training"!! While he's opinionated.... on things around that he is NOT to touch, I can see his little mind making decisions about whether to obey or not!! Sometimes he'll give a fuss or proceed to touch it anyway... yikes... other times he backs down! But I noticed that when I quickly correct him I usually don't have to go it again.

It shows me the importance of staying on top of training and disciplining Nate now while it's "easier" and he's learning what is right and wrong!!

And we all know training is a LONG season.... LOL!! I type that as one of my older ones is doing their own "fussing".... totally not cute when they are older :( Yep, definitely making it a priority NOW!!


Beki Staugler said...

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Beki :)

Jenn Baumgartner said...

Look at those adorable curls! what a sweetie ;)

Jenilee said...

I LOVE his curls!!! HOW CUTE! that is a great age :)

Christina Klas said...

Hahaha.... I laughed out loud at the picture of him caught red-handed. He has this look of "What?! You caught me??" haha. So cute.

krista said...

He is entirely too cute for his own good! Espically with the zhu zhu pets, that face is priceless!

Drea said...

So cute.

Glad to hear Owen isnt the only one who hates his teeth to be brushed. HE FIGHTS US. But its getting better, slowly...

Your video says private btw ;-) so I cant view it.

Jenny said...

Those curls are gorgeous!
He looks like such a little monkey up on that dresser. Too funny!

Oh and I heard "ball" also!

Sarah said...

So cute. Growing up too fast.