Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Even Mommy Needs To Be Sweet

This morning we had a great morning! We met some friends at our local library for Preschool Reading Time!! I finally just TOLD Anna we were going to try it! Anyway, she was a little shy at first but did well, answering questions from the librarian and doing some of the activities.... YES!! I was pretty thankful!

Then we took our tikes to grab a bite to eat. They did fine until they finished eating and decided to attempt a take over of the restaurant.... hahahha

Where was my next stop.... no, not the park, like the three voices behind me were calling out but FOOD LION!! Anyway, I did not feed them ANY sugar during lunch but they were HYPER!! Good grief.... I would have left and tried another time without the kids, but we live more than 20 minutes away! What to do?

Well I worked on what was on my list and when they got loud I put them on the floor in time out on different sides of the cart... ahahaha... how many kids have you seen doing a time-out at the grocery store??? But it allowed me to figure out the best deal and use of my coupons! And there was some fussing.... but what's a mom to do? Ignore it...they weren't hurt or wet...maybe a little tired:)

And then like a "crazied grocery shopping Momma" I headed off to our next store. At Walmart they don't take all my coupons so that sped up my trip and finally, finally, finally I was checking out at our last stop before home!

The cashier looked at me and must have seen the frazzled nerves and exhaustion on my face and said, "Don't worry honey, I had 5 kids and I made it through it."

I did have a good response though, it's one of my prayers. I said, "Oh, I know I will survive. I'm just wanting to "get through it" with a sweet and loving attitude."

Want to guess how our afternoon ended???? NAPS at home :)


Jenn said...

haha, funny about the cashier comment.

today was a tough day with one of mine...i didn't handle it quite as patiently as i should have either. we both sat together and talked about what it meant to be a "new creation" in Christ. Putting off the Old nature, and taking on the New.

Whew...thankfully tomorrow is a new day...

grammie said...

Great response!! Did the naps include Momma too??

Drea said...

you responded good! haha I look frazzled all the time.. no one ever says anything, just looks :-)

To bad you didnt get a picture of your kids in time out in the cart :-) but you were busy enough.. hehe

I like using coupons occasionally at food lion but last time I did it with the boys I almost went crazy looking at those, looking at the shelf, looking at the kids, taking taite pee, etc..etc.. so next time I do that im going ALONE :-)