Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy little Bees and Printable Coupons

That's what we've been up today... buzzing around everywhere getting all sorts of stuff done!! Our sweet friend Mary came over to pin up Lydia's dress and then whisked it away to be hemmed:)

We traveled into "town" to get our van appraised from the "hit and run" in Canada this summer. We're thankful we had insurance and had checked with our company regarding the trip mostly because the guy who hit us had NO insurance. So the annoying door croaking will be gone shortly!! YAY!!

While in "town" we also ran around looking for ivory sandals or slippers for the girls to wear with their little dresses.... NOTHING... I found some adorable little white slipper/flats at Payless for the girls.... cute but WHITE!! So I finally decided that we needed to bring home some sliver flats from Target to see if they might "work" with the dresses... we will see:)
I'm hoping they work because (with this amount of time left) my options are no shoes (hey... it's a beach wedding) or white shoes! If the girls can still wear the dresses in the spring ....maybe ivory sandals will be easier to find:)
I went back to my new favorite grocery store... Kroger!!! Got some ok, deals but I was most excited about the roast I got for our meal on Saturday afternoon with my "little" brother, sister with "baby" and Uncle Carson!! Spicy Beef Roast for our meal together ... yum!!
Totally unrelated......
I thought I'd share some fun couponing news I JUST learned... I'm such a newbie:) On the 1st of the month the online printable coupons change!!!!!! (all you veterans can laugh now) So here were some of my visits that kept my printer active tonight!!! (I skip all the ads and just get to the printables)
On the first there were a lot of cereal deals... like $1.00 off two normal General Mills cereals:)
They can be visited anytime throughout the month, but I've noticed that it's slim pickings at the end of the month when many coupons have reached their limits!!
Ok... I'm done tonight.... my sweet husband has fixed my snack and we're going to relax with a movie! Sweet isn't he?


Jenn said...

i love the silver ones. they should be so pretty!

i've really got to get serious about are motivating me.


goodrichgirl said...

It will be to cold for bare little feet . The silver shoes are so adorable and will be cute with all fall /christmas fashions. Kinda Cinderella in my opinion. Claudia was just telling me about a class she has learned about on couponing. Sounds very interesting ! Will let u know more. Pray for me today , i feel down this week. Love you all.